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February 2018
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Remembering The CLBB

We had quite the boring day here at The Waz Household.  Our hot water tank blew out yesterday, and today our landlord was here most of the day to put in a new one.  As I had no hot water, I wasn’t doing any cooking or cleaning, so I spent a bit of time [...]

Updated: Kosher Dill Pickles

Many years ago when I was first learning how to can and preserve, I bought a cookbook called Pickles & Relishes by Andrea Chesman.  I bought that along with a small Better Homes & Gardens book called Canning & Preserving Recipes.  Those were my Bibles those first few years.  I pored over them countless [...]

Meet Eli

Two years ago, the dance studio we are a part of dedicated their dance year to kids with cancer.  All the competition teams “adopted” kids with cancer, showering them with gifts and dancing in their honor along the way.  It was a beautiful year of dance.  Not only did we have a purpose for [...]

Wisconsin Harvest Pie

Commentary to come!  Just have to get this posted for now!

Wisconsin Harvest Pie 1 recipe for Double-Crust Pie 1/3 cup sugar 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 6 cups thinly sliced, peeled and cored tart apples, such as granny smith 1 cup dried cranberries 1 cup frozen pitted tart red cherries, [...]

Thank You Collard Greens: A Veggie Victory

Remember this post about Collard Greens earlier this year?

It turns out the kids not only didn’t like those collard greens, they truly reviled them.

This was revealed to me last night by both kids, individually, when the other was not in earshot. The cause for this revelation?  I put some kale into our [...]

A Twist On Chicken Pot Pie

A small change has come upon The Waz household this week which is a very welcome change.  After working out of town Monday thru Thursday since…hmm… I don’t remember, it’s been a long work season away from home, Andy is now home every evening from work.  Their job site this summer is over a [...]

Fresh Fruit Firestorm!

The last week of June I did something completely crazy and unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  I loaded up our car and drove my two children all the way from Wisconsin to Panama City, Florida.  Andy had to work, so it fell to me to drive my two dancing beauties to their last [...]

Baking vs. Frying: Egg Rolls

Many, many years ago I tried a recipe that called for baking egg rolls instead of frying them.  The recipe was from Cooking Light magazine, and I just had to try it.  The recipe called for copious amounts of cooking spray- you’d spray the raw, rolled up egg rolls and pop them in the [...]

Happy Birthday Zander!!

Eleven years ago you came into this world and filled my heart near-to-bursting.

Your care and compassion for others is one of my favorite things about you, as well as your enthusiastic spirit to try anything once.   You have a heart of gold- you truly are a Super Hero!


Tummy Treasure on Facebook?

Sure, why not.  It might be a very convenient way to follow Tummy Treasure.  When I have a new post here on the Tummy Treasure food blog, I’ll post a photo and a teaser on Facebook.

Tummy Treasure on Facebook

I’m coming up on my ten year anniversary of the blog this year, so [...]

Testing, Testing

I am now the happy owner of a kindle fire, which I’m really hoping will help me blog more.  This is my first post from the fire, so I’m also going to try adding a picture of my new pizza stone…I hope it works!

Bingo! So much more to come, my friends! So [...]

In The Spirit Of Things

It was really odd this year not hosting Thanksgiving.  Our current home is too tiny to even entertain four people, let alone a whole extended family gathering.  Since we may be here for a few years (please, let’s NOT go through a move in 2015), I passed my wooden spoon back to my mom [...]