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February 2018
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Cauliflower Will Never Be Potatoes

Every year, after the holiday season the cauliflower recipes start showing up all over facebook.  Everyone is making their dietary changes for the new year, and for some unexplained reason, the no-carb contingency thinks that pretending cauliflower tastes like potatoes is a good thing.  I happen to be a huge fan of cauliflower, but [...]

Crockpot Winner! Pork Chili

It was the ultimate in irony.  I walked through the garden and harvested a small handful of tomatillos, and a small handful of Amish Paste tomatoes.  It was the first harvest of tomatillos, and all I could think about was a delicious green pork chili.   I had to have it, and yet the temperatures [...]

Bridge Soup

We have officially arrived at the wonky weather time of year.  One day it’s cold, one day it’s borderline hot, and overall the mornings are much cooler than the evenings.  As one who tends to plan my daily menu in the morning, that can mean a challenge for me.  Too often it feels like [...]


It’s been a season of salads and sandwiches for us.  Mostly because both things are really easy to throw together- but they’ve also become monotonous and dull. We’ve broken things up with a pasta dish here and there, but mostly, it’s been a salad, sandwich, pizza, pasta parade over and over and over.  Add [...]

Deliciously Creamy Pumpkin Soup

I have never made a pumpkin soup before- other than my pumpkin and black bean chili.   I’ve never even had an inkling to make a pumpkin soup, but the other day we were watching BBC America, and watched Chef Gordon Ramsay whip together a luscious looking pumpkin soup, and I had to have it.  [...]

Enough Chili To Feed An Army

Seriously.  This is some serious chili making my friends!  After living here in our beautiful new city for six months, we decided it was finally time to be social and invite some people over.  The dilemma we were facing was who to invite?  Well, a month ago we held our first informal dinner and [...]

Uh, It’s Still Split Pea Soup

One of the soups that I generally avoid like the plague is split pea soup.  I’ve never liked it- not the texture, and not the flavor.  Yet every once in a while, I think I need to try again, and every single time I am reminded that I just don’t care for split pea [...]

You Can Thank Me Later

Yesterday’s soup came about simply because of the random supply of ingredients I had in the fridge.  Well, it wasn’t exactly random, but I found myself with an ample supply of vegetables and leftover beef that would have been ideal in a stir fry.  Only, I really wasn’t in the mood for a stir [...]

Warming Up With A Bowl Of Soup

Well, after a few days of warm, balmy wintry weather- followed by rain- winter has returned, and it is ever COLD!  Yesterday was one of those windy days where the wind just went right through the living room- making us desperately wish that we’d covered the windows with plastic this year.  A day like [...]

The Secret Is Salad Dressing

When I first saw this soup over at $5 Dinners, it screamed out at me.  The picture was so appealing, and the name of it: Tomato Black Bean Barley just sounded so hearty and warming and just the perfect thing for lunch for a cool fall day.  Reading through the directions though, there was [...]

Adaptability Is Key

When you’re pinching pennies and trying to ‘make do’ with what you have on hand, it’s really integral to get a feel for substituting when cooking.   There have been plenty of times where I’ve been in the middle of making something and had to put everything on hold to run to the store to [...]

Spaghetti And Meatball Soup

I’ve hesitated about sharing this one, because I feel like I was doing a little…channeling of Aunt Sandy (if you know what I mean).  When I came up with the idea, it was after a quick glance through the freezer- and the small freezer bag of meatballs I had in there. There really wasn’t [...]