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February 2018
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Facebook Recipe: Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

Every day I would say there are dozens of recipes that scroll across my facebook feed.  There are many that catch my eye, but then I’m frequently disappointed when I click on them and they end up being something that started with cake mix or cookie dough or some other product that I might [...]

Scotcheroos, K-Bars, Or Whatever You Want To Call Them

The second bar I made up to take with us this past weekend was a Scotcheroo.  This is one of those bars that I’ve never made, but gosh, do I love to eat them.  When I see them at potlucks and other gatherings, I always reach for this delicious delight- it’s one of my [...]

A Summery Twist On Magic Cookie Bars

I won’t keep you with a long-winded post today, because I’m just feeling a little tired after a spectacular holiday weekend.  I went back and forth for a couple of hours on varieties of bars to take to our family gathering this weekend, but kept coming back to the same two.  I decided to [...]

Make This: S’more Caramel Popcorn

Holy popcorn, Batman, this is a good one.  This is a REALLY good one.  Caramel Corn is just not something I make very often, which I always chastise myself about when I actually do make it, because it’s way easier than I remember every single time.    This time, I decided to make some for [...]

Brownies With A Twist

We were blessed this past weekend to travel West a few hours and spend some time with extended family.  It’s a weekend we look forward to every year, though this year it seemed a little more special because we all missed it last year.  One of the things I try to do every time [...]

Two In A Row!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re skipping ahead and looking at the meal I made yesterday and you’re thinking, what the heck?  She’s baking in the oven?  It’s a little warm out for that isn’t it?

Yeah, we’re in some kind of bizarre weather anomaly up here, and it’s been unseasonably cool.  There are [...]

Enough Chili To Feed An Army

Seriously.  This is some serious chili making my friends!  After living here in our beautiful new city for six months, we decided it was finally time to be social and invite some people over.  The dilemma we were facing was who to invite?  Well, a month ago we held our first informal dinner and [...]

Dutch Oven Delights

I’ve been wanting to share this website with everyone ever since our camping trip this year.   I love talking to people about what we eat when we go camping, because no one ever believes it.  When the average person thinks of camping food they think of things like hot dogs, burgers, brats- things that [...]

A Very Nice, Adaptable, Chicken Marinade

When I was in high school, I became addicted to cooking shows on TV.  They were fairly new then- there was no such thing as a Food Network- only the occasional show on PBS.   The Discover Channel at the time, was just one channel on cable, and in the late mornings they had a [...]

Old Favorites Week

This week I was really stumped when it came to a menu plan.  I had no clue what I was in the mood for or felt like making.  Fortunately for me, Andy is around this week, so I handed him some paper and told him to write some things down that he felt like [...]

Cook Once, Eat At Least Twice

Several weeks ago, our local grocery store had a ridiculously low price on pork products.  It was all 99 cents a pound, regardless of the cut you bought, so we picked up several pork shoulder roasts to put in the freezer, along with some pork steaks.  We love pork roasts, but don’t eat them [...]

Don’t Be Fooled By Its Appearance

These Snappy Salad Cups are the second recipe I took to my homemaker’s meeting the other night.  I had been racking my brain (tough gig, I know!) trying to come up with something different with vegetables- and refreshing at the same time.  I didn’t want anything heavy, and I just couldn’t get my mind [...]