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February 2018
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Happy Birthday!

It’s hard to believe, but I am officially a mom to a 12 year old! Pictures to come, but I wanted to put a quick shout out. Happy Birthday Abigail!

A Grocery Challenge For The New Year

I’ve been thinking about doing this for years.    Pretty much ever since I started blogging, I’ve wanted to really focus and do a month long grocery challenge.   I’d been thinking about doing it again, and this time I was getting closer to actually doing it.  I was going back and forth until this last [...]


Every year, about this time, I *think* about the idea of doing NaNoWriMo- the month where you take the time to write something every single day.  But the month comes and goes, and nary an idea comes to mind.

But NaBloPoMo?  That I could do.  It’s been far too long.  I have recipes.  I [...]

Tomato Bowl 2011: Quick And Easy

I guess I’m back with another recipe after all for the Tomato Bowl.   This quick and easy recipe for Tomato-Tortellini Soup makes a really quick lunch or dinner, and keeps in the fridge for several days as well.

Here are most of the ingredients, minus the oil for cooking and the tortellini:

1 [...]

Tomato Bowl 2011 Travels To India

Apparently I took a global approach with the Tomato Bowl this year!  Yesterday I was looking at my selection of Red Gold canned tomato products, and I wondered if I’d picked up enough.  They really have quite the selection of products on the shelves at stores these days, and I was wondering if I [...]

Tomato Bowl 2011: Multi-Purpose Mediterranean

One of the things that I was contemplating doing with Red Gold tomatoes during the Tomato Bowl was a salsa of sorts.   If you’ve spent any time here at the blog you know that I have a fondness for homemade salsa- but that I usually make it at the height of tomato season with [...]

Continuing The Tomato Bowl, Manhattan Style

I love clam chowder.  Love it, love it, love it.  But the chowder I love is white, creamy, laden with cream, potatoes and clams.  A  real chowder doesn’t have any flour or added thickeners, it just lets the potatoes and the cream do their thing and thicken it up just a touch.  And yet, [...]

Tomato Bowl 2011: Elevation

With Game Day rapidly approaching, you can bet that there is a whole lot of menu planning going on right now.  Perennial favorites for Packer fans include pretty much anything on a bun, but especially bratwurst.  Even during this time of year, the grilling machines will be unearthed from the mountains of snow and [...]

Hello Tomato Bowl 2011!

Sometime late last year I had been in correspondence with a young lady who worked for Red Gold and Red Pack tomato products.  She wondered if I would be interested in trying out some of their products, and could they send me some.  I said yes, of course, because in all honesty, I really [...]

The Kitchen Tool I Didn’t Know I Needed…

I used to hate orange zest.  If orange zest was called for in a recipe, I knew immediately that I wouldn’t like it.  That nasty bitter orange peel just turned my tongue anytime I used it, and I thought I would never figure out exactly why so many people seemed to love the added [...]