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January 2018
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Dill Pickle Pot Roast

No lie.  This made one of the most fabulous pot roasts we’ve ever had.

Last week I pulled a chuck roast out of the freezer to thaw, but pulled it out a little late.  I was sort of planning to finish the thawing in the microwave while I debated what I wanted to do [...]

Praise The LARD!

It’s now a fact in the Tummy Treasure kitchen.  Lard produces a FAR superior pie crust.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’d gotten a pig, and one of the things that came from the pig was the fat.  I took one day a week ago and very slowly rendered that fat into [...]

New Bread For A New Year

I can make my standard sandwich bread with my eyes closed.  I love this bread, and acquired the recipe from my trusty old Joy of Cooking- one of the first cookbooks my mom bought for me.   It’s become the standard by which I measure all homemade bread, yet there are a few things about [...]

The Only Marinara With Meat Sauce You’ll Ever Need

It really is that good.

I first had this meat sauce…hm… sometime last winter, I think.  I wanted to make lasagna for dinner, and was debating making a lasagna different from my usual one.  After searching around on a few websites and chatting with a few people, I settled on the recipe for World’s [...]

Bacon Fat: A Must-Have

It really is a must-have for every home cook.  Bacon fat is an incredible way to add a TON of flavor to a dish with just a teaspoon or two of something that would normally be discarded anyway!

I keep a small half-pint mason jar of bacon fat in my fridge.  Any time I [...]

Amazing Homemade Flour Tortillas

I have been wanting to get on the homemade tortilla bandwagon for a very long time.   I’ve tried so many recipes over the years, and while I thought each one was good in its own way, none of the recipes I tried really recreated the tortilla I was looking for.  I was looking for [...]

Ten Minute Mashed Potatoes

I never would have thought it possible, and yet, I did just that last night.

Cooking Light magazine was the magazine I cut my cooking teeth on.  It taught me how to cook- and how to cook healthily.  I have so many recipes and cooking methods in me repertoire thanks to that magazine, and [...]

The Growing Boy, Part II

So yesterday I posted about the crackers that I was making to keep my Always-Hungry-And-Growing-Boy satisfied.  The crackers help, but after a while, he does get tired of the same old snacks.   There is one thing though, that he will always be happy to eat- and it does a fantastic job of making his [...]

The Growing Boy

There are days where Zander is just your typical normal boy.  He eats normally, plays normally, and is just an all-around kid.  And then there are days where I wonder if he’s hiding a homeless boy somewhere in the house and is squirreling away food to share with him.  But nope.  He’s not hiding [...]

Make It Yourself: Taco Seasoning

Who doesn’t like tacos?  Very few people I’ve come across, that’s for sure!  So when we had a family get-together this past weekend that included kids of all ages, I decided that tacos would be the ideal solution to a “please-most-palates” dinner.   We did it simply, with basic taco toppings, an extensive array of [...]

Sauerkraut: Nourishing Traditions Style

Here I was, all excited and proud of myself because I kicked off the month of February with a bang as far as posting frequency goes.  And then the Super Bowl was over, and team Green Bay won Tomato Bowl 2011 by a landslide.  Then, I had a week of eating up all those [...]

Back To Basics: Stock Making

Stock making is one of those very basic kitchen skills that seems to have been lost along the way.  I think the advent of readily made stocks and broths on the grocery store shelves have made stock-making a less desirable thing.  For one thing, stock making does take time- although most of it is [...]