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February 2018
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Yes, You CAN Make A Pineapple Pie!

And I don’t know why we don’t see more of them!

Yesterday Abigail conducted a science experiment for her Biology course using a fresh pineapple and a box of gelatin. Fresh pineapple is full of enzymes which prohibit gelatin from setting, and it was pretty cool to actually see that put to the test. [...]

Replay: Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs

Perfect for your summer entertaining, these baby back ribs really DO fall off the bone, and they are incredibly delicious.

Even better?  They are way easier to make than you would think.  Over the years I have watched so many cooking shows that feature ribs, and so many of them make it a really [...]

Just A Trifle

Trifle may well be my favorite dessert to prepare for a crowd.  A person is only limited by their imagination and the ingredients at their disposal.  A trifle is basically a layered dessert, the components vary greatly, and the number of layers can be adjusted however you desire as well.  But the best part [...]

Key Lime Curd

When Zander asked for his plain-jane vanilla cake, I decided that I needed to surprise him with a great filling.  I was thinking of lime or raspberry- two of his favorite flavors.  The only thing was, the way our Saturday was looking, I was really hoping to be able to purchase pre-made filling.  So [...]

Baking vs. Frying: Egg Rolls

Many, many years ago I tried a recipe that called for baking egg rolls instead of frying them.  The recipe was from Cooking Light magazine, and I just had to try it.  The recipe called for copious amounts of cooking spray- you’d spray the raw, rolled up egg rolls and pop them in the [...]

Golden Chicken with Garlic and Cilantro

Wow!  Here is a spectacular stir-fry!  The last time I decided I wanted to make a stir-fry, I went to the pantry to dig out some ingredients and was dismayed to find that I was out of most of the Asian sauces that I try to keep on hand.  I had soy sauce, rice [...]

Quick! While You Still Have Fresh Tomatoes!

I apologize because I should have posted this recipe much sooner.  Tomato season is rapidly coming to a close here in Wisconsin, but hopefully you can find a few to make this recipe.

I made these stuffed tomatoes  several weeks ago while visiting family in the Twin Cities.  Honestly, I went back and forth [...]

Quick, Easy, Delicious Chicken Marinade

I’ve been meaning to share this really simple recipe for some time now, but first I had to figure out the recipe.  I’ve made this chicken a few times for company, and every time I get asked for the recipe.  So I try to explain how I take a bit of this and a [...]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’ll confess.  When I’m standing at the farmstand, looking at all the amazing winter squash available, the acorn squash is not one I usually reach for.   My preference, when it comes to winter squash, are the varieties that are really dense and thick with that squash/pumpkini flavor.  My ultimate favorite it buttercup, with butternut [...]

Delicious Grape Chutney

It’s that time of year again for the Waz Fam here in Wisconsin.  Fall has arrived, which on the plus side, means it’s squash, apple and cranberry season.   On the negative side, Andy is not working again.  He was supposed to work until Christmas, but after the government shutdown, they shut down a lot [...]

This. Is My Love Language.

Surely you’ve all heard of the concept of love languages?  Many years ago we did a study on the five love languages- how people show their love, and how they best see someone else’s love for them.  Some people show their love by giving gifts, some show love through an act of service.  Some [...]

The Only Marinara With Meat Sauce You’ll Ever Need

It really is that good.

I first had this meat sauce…hm… sometime last winter, I think.  I wanted to make lasagna for dinner, and was debating making a lasagna different from my usual one.  After searching around on a few websites and chatting with a few people, I settled on the recipe for World’s [...]