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February 2018
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The Dish Of The Season- And It’s Crazy Simple!

A trend I’ve noticed among food blogs as of late is a gravitation towards foods that are regarded as “simple”.   It’s definitely not a new concept- for years there have been cookbooks and blogs and magazines touting the 4, 5, 10 ingredient recipes.  But it’s prevalent right now, and for good reason!  Fall [...]

My Big Fat Mexican Lasagna

Friends, this turned out to be the best tasting Mexican Lasagna I’ve ever had.  I have had many over the years- made a few different ones myself, but it always seemed to me that something could have been better.   Well, yesterday’s lasagna started out as a pan of enchiladas.  I have some shredded [...]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’ll confess.  When I’m standing at the farmstand, looking at all the amazing winter squash available, the acorn squash is not one I usually reach for.   My preference, when it comes to winter squash, are the varieties that are really dense and thick with that squash/pumpkini flavor.  My ultimate favorite it buttercup, with butternut [...]

Make Your Own… Chimichangas!!

Some time before our crazy spring arrived, I had this bright idea to buy a box of pre-made chicken and cheese chimichangas from Sam’s Club.  I had been out all morning and told the kids I’d bring lunch home.  I thought the chimichangas sounded fun, ignored all the yucky ingredients on the box, and [...]

Fried Rice: Super Easy

Fried Rice is not generally one of my go-to dishes, or at least, it hasn’t been.  Like casseroles and other one-pot-wonders, the kids have not historically been fans.  However, their taste buds have been changing dramatically over these last months, and I’ve discovered it’s time to break out some of these recipes that I [...]

Making Stir Fry Magic

Do you know what I love about stir-fries?  You can literally make them with anything you have on hand.   Literally.  Any handfuls of vegetables- fresh, canned or frozen can be compiled in a pot with or without meat and be called dinner.

Yesterday I looked in the fridge and freezer debating what should be [...]

Friday Night Fish: Something Different

I’ve been thinking for a while about these tilapia fillets that have been in the freezer.   The last time I fried fish I bought a big package from Sam’s Club, and ended up wrapping up three of the fillets and tucking them in the freezer.  I like the tilapia from Sam’s because it’s good [...]

Playing With Kale

I have these big beautiful Red Russian Kale plants growing in my vegetable garden.  This is my first time growing it- my previous attempts at growing kale was Dinosaur (or Lacinato) Kale.  This year, the rabbits ate my Dinosaur Kale, and while I’m waiting for the replanted kale to grow, I have several plants [...]

Yes, We Went There: Spaghetti Tacos

Our kids are huge fans of the Nickelodeon show, iCarly.  Actually, the whole family is.  It’s a fun show that all of us can sit around and watch together, and we’ll all enjoy it.  One of the dishes frequently mentioned or eaten on iCarly is Spaghetti Tacos.

I’ve been hearing about these things for [...]

A Super Quick Non-Recipe

Last night as I loaded dinner into the crock-pot, I thought that I should share it here on the blog.  It’s one of those things that is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing to share.  But it’s tasty, and most importantly, it’s ready when I want it to be ready.

We have three nights a [...]

Carrots Parmesan

Here is one wickedly easy recipe from The Woman’s Day Collector’s Cookbook that packed a punch as far as flavor is concerned.

I was looking for something really simple to accompany some homemade chicken strips last night for dinner, and was also looking for something to cross off another mark on my cookbook challenge.   [...]

Recycled Pizza

It may be hot and toasty outside, but after a while, a person gets kind of tired of the usual hot-n-toasty food.  You can only eat salad so many days in a row before you just can’t take another bite.  Those are the times where I try to take something we would normally eat, [...]