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February 2018
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Korean BBQ Chicken Marinade

This week Zander’s schoolwork led him to a study of the Korean peninsula, which led to him asking if he could cook something for his end of the week activity.   I’ll admit that I know very little about Korean cooking.  We actually have a very good, authentic Korean restaurant nearby, but as it [...]

Cottage Pies. Amazing!

Oh my goodness.  Last night’s dinner was spectacular. It was a repeat of a dish I’ve made several times before, but never quite in this same way.  I’ve posted about this dish before- the original recipe came from Eating Well magazine several years ago.  Every time I’ve made it I’ve tweaked it here and [...]

Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

It’s a beautiful thing when your children get old enough to bake or cook on their own.  When the fancy strikes, Abigail just gets in the mood and wants to bake something, and we’re almost always pleased with her creations.   Today’s recipe is no exception.  Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars start with a layer [...]

In Which Zander Makes A Pavlova

One of our primary focuses in our homeschool this school year is world geography.  For the most part, our main social studies focus is always on history, and this year Zander is combining the two with a study of the Eastern Hemisphere- a part of the world rarely studied in-depth in American schools.  He’s [...]

Lacto-Fermented Salsa

I have wanted to try this recipe for a very long time.  Every time I see the recipe or have a discussion about fermented foods (what, you don’t have those?) my thoughts drift to this salsa and I wonder what it tastes like.  Yet, I’ve never done it, mostly because it doesn’t make sense [...]

Ham & Chard Stuffed Shells from Eating Well

This dish was a HUGE winner for the Waz household.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely, and Zander even cleaned his plate- swiss chard and all.  I really expected that he would sit with his stuffed shells and pick as many green bits out that he could.  But he didn’t, and he devoured every bit of [...]

I Made The Best Chicken Salad The Other Day…

But I don’t have a picture.

There is a story here though.

It was Sunday, July 5th, the tail end of a busy holiday weekend, and a busy last week in the kitchen preserving fruit.  Because it was a holiday weekend, we had the unexpected bonus of not having an evening service at church, [...]

Nice And Easy Chocolate Cake

Because it wasn’t enough to have strawberries with shortcake.  I also decided that I needed to have strawberries with chocolate cake, because what could be better with strawberries than chocolate?  We’d already made a quick ganache to dunk some berries, but I wanted my favorite food group to be represented.  What?  Chocolate cake is [...]

Shortcakes From Pioneer Woman

It’s been a lovely couple of days enjoying our strawberry bounty here.  I love the day or two after we go fruit picking, because the kids (Zander, really) never need to ask “what can I have to eat?”  They already know what the answer will be.  The fresh fruit seasons are fleeting, and the [...]

A Spectacular Summery Muffin

I’ve had this muffin recipe floating around for quite a while.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you when I sought it out, but I know I’ve had it sitting here, waiting for the right opportunity to be made.  Basically, I needed to have a lemon and an abundance of raspberries on hand at [...]

Kicking Off Summer With A Vanilla Cupcake

It was a very exciting thing to wake up the morning of June 2nd and realize that all the busy-ness of the end of April and all of May was completely over.  Seriously, it was pure chaos for me, at times, as I found myself needing to be in two places at almost the [...]

Oh Boy, Lemon Bread

It’s been ages since I had a slice of lemon bread.  I couldn’t really tell you the last time that was, but I know I’ve been on the lookout for a good recipe a million times over.  The thing is, I would see a recipe online or in a publication, eagerly go to it, [...]