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February 2018
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Product Review: Keurig 2.0

It is no secret that I am a BIG coffee fan.  I love coffee.  I drink several cups a day, hit up Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, or Caribou when I can, and have even taken to keeping coffee flavored candies in my purse for when I can’t have a cup close at hand.

Several years [...]

Blueberry Picking!

Cross another one off the bucket list!  The kids and I took the plunge today and went to a blueberry farm to pick blueberries.  Every year we order blueberries at a local farm, who in turn gets them from a farm in Michigan.  We’ve never had better berries, and this year I ordered 50 [...]

Making Stir Fry Magic

Do you know what I love about stir-fries?  You can literally make them with anything you have on hand.   Literally.  Any handfuls of vegetables- fresh, canned or frozen can be compiled in a pot with or without meat and be called dinner.

Yesterday I looked in the fridge and freezer debating what should be [...]

Seasonal Eating- Yum!

Thursday was the first time I bought a bag of oranges since… probably later February.  Oh, are they spectacular.  They’re not even the sweetest and juiciest oranges of the citrus season, but they are a welcome change from the apples of fall that we’ve been eating with reckless abandon.

Several years ago we [...]

Let’s Talk About Fake Milk

With the holidays approaching, and many gatherings of people taking place, I thought it might be helpful to post a few things that I’ve learned about alternative milks.  There are few things more frightening for a host than the dreaded words “I’m allergic to…”  Over the years I’ve done plenty of experimenting with alternative [...]

Product Review Day: Organic Valley Drinkable Yogurt

When I saw this at the store the other day, I just had to try it.   I’ve been wishing Organic Valley would make yogurt, as it’s one of the few dairy products I eat- the fact that it says it’s drinkable yogurt says volumes about the product, and the company’s integrity to providing [...]