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February 2018
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Snickerdoodle Blondies

It’s Birth Week here at the Tummy Treasure home, and that means several different variations of birthday treats for the birthday boy.  Zander turns eleven on Tuesday, if you can believe it!  That’s practically a teenager!  On Tuesday he’ll be taking a birthday treat to dance, but since my young man wants to share [...]

Delicious Pizza Bites!

I have a love/hate relationship with pizza.  Mostly, I love it.  Our whole family loves pizza- we could eat it most days of the week and never tire of it.  We love it homemade and we love to get it out as well.  The hate part of the relationship is the pizza-like things that [...]

Finally- Homemade Macaroni and Cheese!

It has taken me YEARS to find this recipe.  I have tried many homemade mac and cheese recipes over the years in my quest to find THE recipe.   I have tried simply winging it, I’ve tried stove-top, baked, and crock-pot recipes.  Yet none of them would convert my mac-and-cheese loving son to the homemade [...]

M&M Cookies

Of all the cookies out there, I have to believe that an M&M Cookie is the one cookie that most everyone can agree is delicious.  It appeals to everyone- young and old.  They also happen to be incredibly easy to make!  M&M Cookies have become my cookie of choice when it comes to giving [...]

Happy Birthday Zander!

My baby boy is eight years old today!  It’s amazing to think how much he has grown this last year.  He’s such a mature little boy, yet full of a beautiful sense of wonder and amazement.  He’s truly a treasure, and I’m so incredibly blessed to get to be his mom and hang out [...]


Last week as I was assembling cookie recipes and ingredients for this week’s baking spree, Abigail came to me with a picture of a Whoopie Pie and asked if I could make something like it.  Oh my, yes, yes I could!  I recall making Whoopie Pies once before, and they turned out okay, but [...]

The Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday was one of those days that completely got away from me.  It started out usual enough, we woke up at a decent time, had a spot of breakfast and got rolling on schoolwork.   I was trying to remember why I said that last year we’d take it easy on the schoolwork during Nutcracker [...]

How About A Cookie?

Everyone loves cookies, but I have found that everyone especially loves M&M Cookies.  And at that, they especially love jumbo M&M Cookies.  They are consistently so loved, that I’ve pretty much determined that these are my standard bake sale cookie.  Their jumbo size makes them stand out from the rest of the cookies, and [...]

Yes, We Went There: Spaghetti Tacos

Our kids are huge fans of the Nickelodeon show, iCarly.  Actually, the whole family is.  It’s a fun show that all of us can sit around and watch together, and we’ll all enjoy it.  One of the dishes frequently mentioned or eaten on iCarly is Spaghetti Tacos.

I’ve been hearing about these things for [...]

Happy Birthday Zander!!

Yesterday my little man turned seven years old.  Seven! This is his sixth birthday that I blogged, and I just had to wait until I had a cake to take a picture of.  He drew the short stick this year with the date his birthday fell on, as it was a Thursday- our [...]

Popcorn Balls

About two weeks ago, the kids and I were walking through the grocery store when Zander’s eyes lighted upon a package of popcorn balls.  His eyes were full of desire, and I almost grabbed the package to put in my cart when MY eyes lighted upon the price tag nearby.  $7.99 for 1 dozen [...]

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Could my girl really be ten years old today?  Why yes, yes she is.

Once again, she requested a Star Wars cake for her birthday.   I thought I could go the easy route that I took for Zander’s birthday, but unfortunately the only Star Wars Lego sets available were the same ones I [...]