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February 2018
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Shortcakes From Pioneer Woman

It’s been a lovely couple of days enjoying our strawberry bounty here.  I love the day or two after we go fruit picking, because the kids (Zander, really) never need to ask “what can I have to eat?”  They already know what the answer will be.  The fresh fruit seasons are fleeting, and the [...]

A Delicious Slow Cooker Dessert from the $5 Dinner Meal Plan

Wow, adjusting to our new everyday has definitely been a challenge.  I still haven’t figured a lot out yet.   The way the dance schedule has turned out this year, dinner has been quite late most days of the week.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday dinner is after 8:00 or 8:30, as that’s when the [...]

Chickpea Stew: And Even The Kids Ate It

I warned the kids a few weeks ago that my goal this winter was to get them to like beans.  Not the green beans that they eat with abandon fresh from the garden- but dried beans.  I don’t exactly remember what we were eating that night- burrito bowls I think, and as Zander dodged [...]

Embracing Technology

Once upon a time, I didn’t have much of an interest in technology.  By technology, I mean things like MP3 players, ipods, tablet computers, HDTV, shoot, even Facebook would fit in line there.  I avoided Facebook as long as I could, but it has not taken me long to embrace it as the social [...]

Delicious Red Velvet Cake

Abigail’s one request that she had for food for her birthday this year was for a Red Velvet cake.  I’ll tell you, I really, really didn’t want to make this cake for her.  In our quest for eating Real Food, one of the things I’ve been trying to eliminate as much as possible is [...]

Dutch Oven Delights

I’ve been wanting to share this website with everyone ever since our camping trip this year.   I love talking to people about what we eat when we go camping, because no one ever believes it.  When the average person thinks of camping food they think of things like hot dogs, burgers, brats- things that [...]