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March 2015
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Old Favorites

We’ve been revisiting some old favorites in our home this winter.  It’s been really fun pulling out a recipe that I haven’t made in a very long time and seeing what we think of it now.  In many cases, the reason I stopped making certain dishes is because of the kids- if they’re not [...]

Amazing Chicken Bacon Ranch Pitas

So yesterday’s Ranch Dressing Mix?  I mixed it with some sour cream, mayonnaise and milk and used it as the base for an absolutely delicious chicken salad.

I started with a package of chicken thighs, which I simply baked sprinkled with seasoned salt (homemade- recipe coming) and black pepper.  Once the chicken was cooked [...]

Pork Chops With Cranberry Mustard Sauce

At the beginning of September, Andy got an unexpected phone call.  It was from our “Pig Guy”.  Several years ago we’d bought a half of a pig from this person, and we loved every bit of it.  We’ve talked on and off how we’d love to get a whole pig from this guy sometime, [...]

The Only Marinara With Meat Sauce You’ll Ever Need

It really is that good.

I first had this meat sauce…hm… sometime last winter, I think.  I wanted to make lasagna for dinner, and was debating making a lasagna different from my usual one.  After searching around on a few websites and chatting with a few people, I settled on the recipe for World’s [...]

Chickpea Stew: And Even The Kids Ate It

I warned the kids a few weeks ago that my goal this winter was to get them to like beans.  Not the green beans that they eat with abandon fresh from the garden- but dried beans.  I don’t exactly remember what we were eating that night- burrito bowls I think, and as Zander dodged [...]

A Crockpot Winner: Barbecued Chicken and Cornbread Casserole

It’s been a crazy busy week here at Tummy Treasure central.  Like everyone else in our area, we also returned to school this week- hitting the books from the comfort of our own home.  I forgot how much work it is for me! And I also forgot that with schooling underway, I lose a [...]

Taco Pie: A Leftover Solution

We have tacos or burritos quite a bit at our house.  It’s just such a great, quick and easy meal.  You can vary it by using different meats, cheese and veggie toppings, and it’s totally a make-ahead deal.  It’s so easy for me to cook up meat, shred cheese and chop veggies, and then [...]

Philly Cheesesteak

I’ve never been fortunate to have a real Philly Cheesesteak.  I mean, I’ve had them out and about, but I’ve only ever been in Philadelphia once in my life- and that was for a work-related conference that had us inside a conference/meeting center for about 8 hours.  Wow, that was a really long time [...]

Lentil, Potato and Pumpkin Curry

There was a day not too long ago where I got this idea in my head to make a curry as a side dish for a baked chicken night. I thought this was a win-win situation, because the kids are not big curry fans, but they like chicken.  I could be totally happy eating [...]

New To Us: Golden Honey Pork

Oh, this was good!  This one was really good- way better than I expected, that’s for sure.   This week for a stir-fry I decided to pull out my Big Book of Wok and find a new recipe to try.  Pork called my name, so I turned to the meat chapter and paged through until [...]

Southwest Chicken Stew: Better Than Expected

This was one of those recipes that I’ve looked at over and over and wondered if it was any good.  One of the crockpot cookbooks I have on my shelf is the Pillsbury Doughboy Slow Cooker Recipes, and I’ve made quite a few recipes out of it over the years.  While I don’t recall [...]

Chicken and Veggie Pie

This is not your normal dinner pie.  I had planned to make a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner this past Saturday, utilizing some leftover chicken from another night.  My planned pie failed though when I realized I was missing quite a few requisite ingredients, and I really, really just wanted to stay home and [...]