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February 2018
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Southern Style Green Beans and Potatoes

Something very exciting happened yesterday! For the first time in over a year, I felt called to the keyboard.  I felt the urge to put my fingers to the letters on my computer keyboard, and tell a tale on my sadly neglected blog.  Honestly, it felt really good.  In fact, it may have felt [...]

The Dish Of The Season- And It’s Crazy Simple!

A trend I’ve noticed among food blogs as of late is a gravitation towards foods that are regarded as “simple”.   It’s definitely not a new concept- for years there have been cookbooks and blogs and magazines touting the 4, 5, 10 ingredient recipes.  But it’s prevalent right now, and for good reason!  Fall [...]

Cottage Pies. Amazing!

Oh my goodness.  Last night’s dinner was spectacular. It was a repeat of a dish I’ve made several times before, but never quite in this same way.  I’ve posted about this dish before- the original recipe came from Eating Well magazine several years ago.  Every time I’ve made it I’ve tweaked it here and [...]

Lacto-Fermented Salsa

I have wanted to try this recipe for a very long time.  Every time I see the recipe or have a discussion about fermented foods (what, you don’t have those?) my thoughts drift to this salsa and I wonder what it tastes like.  Yet, I’ve never done it, mostly because it doesn’t make sense [...]

A Simple Hot Pepper Sauce

I have a confession to make.

I’m getting tired from processing the garden.  This is a fabulous place to be, because it means that I’ve been getting a decent harvest this year and am putting all kinds of tasty treasures away for winter.  This week I’ve frozen a second batch of blanched zucchini, a [...]

Ham & Chard Stuffed Shells from Eating Well

This dish was a HUGE winner for the Waz household.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely, and Zander even cleaned his plate- swiss chard and all.  I really expected that he would sit with his stuffed shells and pick as many green bits out that he could.  But he didn’t, and he devoured every bit of [...]

Spanakopita Loaded Potatoes

It’s no secret that I am a foodie magazine junkie.  I love receiving them in the mail, and then sitting down during a quiet afternoon/evening with a cup of coffee or tea and going through them.  I’m always on the lookout for new meal inspiration that fits into a busy lifestyle.  This time of [...]

How To Freeze Zucchini

It’s that time of year!  The time of year where zucchini growers can be found on every street corner begging for people to take their over-sized vegetables.  Most people will happily take one or two, but then there are SO many left.  Zucchini plants can produce like gangbusters, or just put out a few [...]

Pickled Peperoncini Peppers

Oh my, these are good!  These are SO good!  Even better when I look at these jars and realize that I grew these peppers, as well as the garlic flavoring the brine.

A few weeks ago I looked at my Peperoncini plants and realized that there were an awful lot of peppers dangling from [...]

I Made The Best Chicken Salad The Other Day…

But I don’t have a picture.

There is a story here though.

It was Sunday, July 5th, the tail end of a busy holiday weekend, and a busy last week in the kitchen preserving fruit.  Because it was a holiday weekend, we had the unexpected bonus of not having an evening service at church, [...]

Adding Kale To A Thai Green Curry

For the longest time I stayed away from making green curries at home.  For one, I was worried that green curry meant that it was crazy hot, so the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Secondly, it relies on coconut milk a lot, and while I do use coconut milk from time to time, I worried [...]

Pasta Puttanesca with Kale

I have long been a fan of kale- well before it became in vogue to be a fan of kale.  The reason I have been a fan of kale really has little to do with the nutritional properties, rather, it’s because of the fact that I can grow it easily!  Kale grows pretty effortlessly [...]