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February 2018
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Homemade Italian Sausage

After the breakfast sausage post the other day, I figured I better get back right away and share the Italian Sausage recipe.  Like the breakfast sausage, this is a revelation for me.  I can make my own sausage?  Oh my gosh, I can make my own sausage!  We love Italian style sausage on our [...]

Still Thinking On January’s Grocery Challenge

This has been a haphazard week.  I’ve been fighting a yucky viral bug, which completely knocked me out for two days, and has been hanging on ever since.  We’ve also been back to our usual busy schedule of dance and church activities, but my free and lazy weekend has been suddenly eliminated by the [...]

At The End of January

I didn’t get any pictures of this past week’s shopping trips, because there were two, and both were pretty rushed.  It was a birthday week here, and I had to plan accordingly to pick up fresh food for the weekend festivities, hence the second trip.

I didn’t do so hot this week, sticking to [...]

The Birth Week Menu Plan

It’s a birthday week here at the Tummy Treasure household!  My little man is turning eight and we’re all excited about that.  He chose the birthday dinner on Friday, and I also wanted to allocate as much of the grocery budget as possible to Friday- to allow for cake, ice cream, a few sodas [...]

Pantry Stocking Tips

One of the tools that I use to try and keep my grocery costs down is simply having a decently stocked pantry.  Now, when I say that, I don’t mean that I have a bottomless pantry.  Experts advise having a stockpile of at least 3 months of food on hand in case of disaster [...]

Menu Plan Monday

I was thinking yesterday about why I haven’t been able to really stick to my $82 a week budget- and I am starting to think that when all is said and done, and I reconcile the totals at the end of the month, it will all work out beautifully.  The thing is, this weekend [...]

Shopping Trip: Week Three

I was SO close this week!  Menu planning was much easier because I did it while Andy was around… it was very helpful to have someone else shoot out ideas, and then I could decide yes or no.  The menu plan came together easily enough, and the shopping trip was decided to be done.  [...]

This Week’s Menu Plan

There are quite a bit of thoughts that go through my head when it comes to meal planning every week.  The very first thing I need to do is look at the calendar for the week and see what activities we have.  The dance schedule really never changes, but other things come and go, [...]

This Week’s Grocery Trip: Not So Good

Blech.  I didn’t do quite so well this week with my grocery shopping trip.  I have excuses, of course.  I really had a hard time coming up with a menu plan this week.  I had ended up shifting this past weekend’s menu around, and here I was, already at a new week, and I [...]

The Menu Plan

As I mentioned before, I really struggled with getting back into the menu plan groove this week.  I have a few days every week that get a little tricky.  We have one day that the kids eat at the dance school, so the evening meal must be portable.  We’re not sandwich fans, so it [...]

Here We Go: The First Shopping Trip

I’m astoundingly pleased with myself today.  I spent a lot of time the last three days just trying to come up with a basic menu plan for the week.  My brain just didn’t want to work, but since I had to grocery shopping today, this morning the pieces fell in place and I got [...]