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February 2018
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Celebrating The New Year With Bread!

One of the gifts I gave for Christmas this year came back to me.    As I was picking out cookbooks to give to my family, I really had a difficult time wrapping some of them up!  Very few of them did I actually have in my possession, and it would have been real [...]

Not Quite Drunken Beans

For Sunday Company Dinner we decided it was taco night. Now for some people that may mean hard shells, ground meat, cheese, and trimmings. Not so here. Ours was more of an authentic Mexican taco night. I was using my recipe for Pork Carnitas for the filling, as well as my recipe for Corn [...]

Everyday Pasta

I returned to my cookbook challenge this week and didn’t even realize it. Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis is a book I picked up simply because. I enjoy both of Giada’s other cookbooks and assumed this would be no exception. My kids love pasta, so a book devoted to pasta just couldn’t be [...]

Busy, Busy

Wow! I feel like I have just run a marathon! It’s been a busy weekend for me, and I’m looking forward to a day of rest…maybe in another week or so I’ll find one!

One of the reasons I was busy this weekend was that I was getting ready for my sister Rachel’s baby [...]

Feeding the Beast

I’ve really been craving vegetables lately. It must be the change of seasons has me craving freshness or something, but I just have not been able to get enough. Add to that my insane craving for something with Indian flavors, and you have tonight’s dinner. It began with a cauliflower. I wanted to do [...]

Cat Cora’s Kitchen

I love Greek food. It’s one of my favorite cuisines- I just love the flavor combinations and the freshness of most Greek inspired food. This past Sunday for Company Dinner it was Greek night, and for me that always means a big Greek salad at the very least. I wanted something a little different [...]

Cakey Cookies

Last nights dinner was a reheating of leftovers, so there certainly isn’t an exciting dinner post. But despite being gone most of the day having fun with the kids, by the time I got home I was ready to bake something. I decided to knock another cookbook off of my list and make [...]

Southern Charm

This past Sunday, for Company Dinner, we decided to do the first burger/hot dog cookout of the year. We couldn’t have planned it better. The weather was perfect for grilling, and I think its been long enough since the last burger/dog grill out that we all were in the mood for it anyways. I [...]

Bonus Points

Yesterday I earned bonus points towards my Cookbook Challenge. I have a list of all my cookbooks- 66 of them to be exact, but there is a small group of cookbooks not on the list. See, the point of my cookbook challenge is to actually cull out my collection. There are more books that [...]

Pure Genius

Wolfgang Puck is truly a genius. Last night I made Wolfgang’s Beef Goulash for dinner, and it was truly spectacular. I found the recipe in my yet-to-be-used cookbook Food Network Favorites: Recipes from our All-Star Chefs. So even better than a stellar recipe- I managed to check off another one of my cookbooks from [...]

Lip-Smacking Good

The other day I was determined to check another cookbook off my list of cookbooks to cook from. I turned to the “Sunday Game Of The Week” on the CLBB. The premise of the game is that a random number is chosen, and you select that cookbook, learn a little bit about it and [...]

The Spaetzle Experiment

It’s been a while since I checked another cookbook of my list. Cooking on a budget has had me reign in the number of new recipes I’m trying, so I haven’t felt much like flipping through my cookbook collection. Today though, I was determined to find something that I wanted to make. I spent [...]