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February 2018
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Dill Pickle Pot Roast

No lie.  This made one of the most fabulous pot roasts we’ve ever had.

Last week I pulled a chuck roast out of the freezer to thaw, but pulled it out a little late.  I was sort of planning to finish the thawing in the microwave while I debated what I wanted to do [...]

A Twist On Chicken Pot Pie

A small change has come upon The Waz household this week which is a very welcome change.  After working out of town Monday thru Thursday since…hmm… I don’t remember, it’s been a long work season away from home, Andy is now home every evening from work.  Their job site this summer is over a [...]

In Which Zander Makes A Pavlova

One of our primary focuses in our homeschool this school year is world geography.  For the most part, our main social studies focus is always on history, and this year Zander is combining the two with a study of the Eastern Hemisphere- a part of the world rarely studied in-depth in American schools.  He’s [...]

Lacto-Fermented Salsa

I have wanted to try this recipe for a very long time.  Every time I see the recipe or have a discussion about fermented foods (what, you don’t have those?) my thoughts drift to this salsa and I wonder what it tastes like.  Yet, I’ve never done it, mostly because it doesn’t make sense [...]

A Simple Hot Pepper Sauce

I have a confession to make.

I’m getting tired from processing the garden.  This is a fabulous place to be, because it means that I’ve been getting a decent harvest this year and am putting all kinds of tasty treasures away for winter.  This week I’ve frozen a second batch of blanched zucchini, a [...]

Adding Kale To A Thai Green Curry

For the longest time I stayed away from making green curries at home.  For one, I was worried that green curry meant that it was crazy hot, so the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Secondly, it relies on coconut milk a lot, and while I do use coconut milk from time to time, I worried [...]

BBQ Pork Enchiladas

Halfway thru the busy, busy month of May!  This week we wrapped up the school year with very little fanfare.  We were just ready to be done.  Abigail has been working so hard this last month- doing extra work every day so that she could get the year done earlier.  Zander was already ahead [...]

A Change In Perspective

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

My son Zander is very slowly emerging from being a picky eater to a gourmand.  If I tell him something is loaded with garlic, he is far more likely to want to eat it than not.  He’s also become somewhat fond of raw onions on things like burgers and [...]

Make Your Own: Seasoning Salt

I may have a bit of an obsession with seasoned salt.  I know you know the stuff- it’s an orange colored salt that you can get from many companies, of which the most popular is probably Lawry’s brand seasoning salt.  It’s just a full shaker bottle of goodness that perks up any meat or [...]

Old Favorites

We’ve been revisiting some old favorites in our home this winter.  It’s been really fun pulling out a recipe that I haven’t made in a very long time and seeing what we think of it now.  In many cases, the reason I stopped making certain dishes is because of the kids- if they’re not [...]

Thankful For Home Canned Soup

When I decided to break into the world of pressure canning, I was very nervous about doing so.  After canning my salsas, jams and fruits for years, I just couldn’t ignore the appeal of having other kinds of home-canned foods on the shelf, ready to eat.  So after much research, I took the plunge [...]

Amazing Chicken Bacon Ranch Pitas

So yesterday’s Ranch Dressing Mix?  I mixed it with some sour cream, mayonnaise and milk and used it as the base for an absolutely delicious chicken salad.

I started with a package of chicken thighs, which I simply baked sprinkled with seasoned salt (homemade- recipe coming) and black pepper.  Once the chicken was cooked [...]