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February 2018
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Southern Style Green Beans and Potatoes

Something very exciting happened yesterday! For the first time in over a year, I felt called to the keyboard.  I felt the urge to put my fingers to the letters on my computer keyboard, and tell a tale on my sadly neglected blog.  Honestly, it felt really good.  In fact, it may have felt [...]

Make This Ahead: Cranberry Pie

I have used cranberries in pies before, but I have never made a cranberry pie- one that features that tart little berry in all it’s glory.  I have a recipe for a Cranberry Meringue Pie, which is spectacular, and I’ve tossed cranberries into a pecan pie before.  Today’s pie, though, uses whole berries and [...]

Easy and Garlicky Grilled Salmon

It’s decided to be a bit muggy here in Wisconsin this week, so I’ve been avoiding the stove.  Anything I can do to reduce the heat in our non-air conditioned home is essential on days like this, so on these days, meals are salads and things that can be done on the grill.

Yesterday [...]

Adding Kale To A Thai Green Curry

For the longest time I stayed away from making green curries at home.  For one, I was worried that green curry meant that it was crazy hot, so the kids wouldn’t eat it.  Secondly, it relies on coconut milk a lot, and while I do use coconut milk from time to time, I worried [...]

Pasta Puttanesca with Kale

I have long been a fan of kale- well before it became in vogue to be a fan of kale.  The reason I have been a fan of kale really has little to do with the nutritional properties, rather, it’s because of the fact that I can grow it easily!  Kale grows pretty effortlessly [...]

Canning Season Declared Open

So this happened the other day.

We totally lucked out and caught the opening day at our local strawberry patch.  We lucked out even further and motivated ourselves to head over early enough in the day to get our picking done before the rain started falling and eventually close the picking for the [...]

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Pies

Last week we brought home a bunch of first-crop rhubarb from my mom.  It is so sweet and delicious this year- Zander keeps nibbling on it straight up, not even dunking it in sugar.  I promptly made our old favorite Rhubarb Custard Bars as a way to celebrate the first rhubarb of the season. [...]

Balsamic Browned Butter Asparagus

We were gifted some of the first asparagus of the season the other night.  We seldom eat it unless it is freshly harvested, because there is just no comparison between the two.  Store-bought asparagus is okay, but freshly picked asparagus really tastes like fresh asparagus!   I spent a good part of the day [...]

The Joys of Seasonal Eating

Today is a beautiful day.

I bought the first bag of new crop mandarin oranges this morning.  I didn’t even have my coat off yet and the kids were in the bag, peeling their first one.  That first wedge was popped in the mouth, and all eyes were closed, as that first taste of [...]

Whirlwind Preserving Season!

Wow! My kitchen has been fairly non-stop for a good month or so.  Every spare moment I had was spent preserving this or that.  Jams, jellies, salsas, tomatoes, peaches, pickles, pears, cherries, the list goes on and on!  I feel so blessed to have these mountains of homemade preserves on hand.

I still don’t [...]

Sour Cherry Cake

Oh my gosh, it feels amazing to be cooking and baking again!  I can’t even begin to explain this change that has come over me.  Our last house was such a blessing to us at the time, and yet, there were things about it that I always hated.  One was the kitchen.  I never [...]

Lemon Broccoli On The Grill

I have a series of fruity desserts to share in the coming days, so I thought I’d better throw in something on the savory side.  I had picked up a bunch of broccoli the other day, and I wanted to do something different to it to go with some grilled pork chops and potatoes.   [...]