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December 2017
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Buh-Bye 2013

Seriously.  And don’t come back.

While this was a spectacular year on the food front here at home with our diligence in seasonal eating, it was not a spectacular year on every other front.  It seemed like every area of our lives was tossed into upheaval at one point or another.   It was a year of moments that we don’t want to relive… ever… And then on top of all those horrible moments, it seemed like those who would be our biggest supporters and cheerleaders decided this was a good time to pile on the life criticism as well.   Honestly, 2013 just was a rough year to get through.

And yet, we DID get through, and not only that, I feel like we passed some major tests with flying colors.  What we’ve learned this year is that when God decides to prune, sometimes He really prunes and the cuts go deep.  But on the other side of that pruning, there is vigorous growth and vibrance, and it really is true that that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.   We absolutely love the life we’ve chosen for our family, and this year completely reinforced our decisions.   To some people looking in from the outside it may not seem so great, but to us, we’re experiencing heaven here on earth.

We’ve survived 2013, and expect only good things for 2014.  2014 is going to be such a year of goodness, and I do hope for a year with a bit more restfulness to it.  For me personally, I am making a resolution to focus on the number TEN.  It may sound like an odd resolution, but the idea of ten has really been speaking to me for the last few days as I roll around what I’d like to change for next year.   How many times do we put off housework that could be done in that ten minute time span we have?  How many times do we just sit and rest for ten minutes?  What are ten food items I’d like to see removed from our household?  What ten food items or vegetables would I like to incorporate more in a healthier lifestyle?  Where can I find that extra ten minutes to do something active.  After I eat a meal, I should wait ten minutes before going for second helpings and give my stomach time to register that it’s full.  Do I really want that snack?  I should take ten minutes to make myself a mug of tea and analyze whether I truly need that snack, or just want something for my mouth to do.   How would my Christmas fund be next year if I could set aside just ten dollars a week?  How much blogging could I get done in just ten minutes?  There are so many places where being mindful of TEN could pay off in big benefits.

So 2014 is going to be the year of TEN.   It’s going to be the best year yet, and I’m looking forward to it.

2 comments to Buh-Bye 2013

  • Grace

    I just found your blog and I have enjoyed looking over some of your recipes, especially since my daughter has asked me to teach her how to make bread. I have a great recipe but sometimes it is nice to try some others so I jotted down your basic sandwich recipe and the oatmeal one. I loved your “ten” idea. It sounds so positive and doable. I probably should start out with “five” but may be I am being too timid. I am sorry for the hardships you have faced this year but so appreciated your hopefulness. God does indeed prune us because He loves us so much. I am glad I have discovered your blog. (It was an answer you posted about how much pumpkin is in a pumpkin puree can.) Look forward to learning more from you.

  • Erika

    Thank you so much for your comment Grace! I hope you find the bread recipes to your liking- they really are some of my favorites.

    I hope to get some new posts going soon. Flu season has put a halt to my plan to post more, but once things are back to normal, I have some great recipes to share.

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