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January 2018
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About Tummy Treasure

Tummy Treasure was created in 2005 as an attempt to connect with family. My younger sisters were in college and used their blogs as a way to let their family know what was going on with them. It was a brilliant idea! With family all over the country, I thought a blog was the ideal way to keep family up to date on what’s going on with us.

Little did I know what would happen shortly after I started! I was using my blog to post pictures of the kids, as well as the occasional recipe, but I had no idea there were blogs out there devoted to food! My discovery of all of these food blogs was a revelation, and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my blog. I’ve been food-blogging ever since! I am still able to keep my family informed while blogging about one of my real passions- cooking.

In the fall of 2007, my blogging also led to an occasional feature in my local newspaper, first, the Seymour area Times Press, followed by a year with the Advertiser Community News- where I was able to share my love of cooking with my neighbors and community. 

In 2010 our family decided to make a drastic change from the small town life and headed to the city of Appleton.  Now, here we are a few years later nearby in the town of Menasha, but still very much a part of  the city atmosphere of the Fox Valley.  I continue to cook and feed my family as well as I can, while playing chauffeur for their daily activities at our dance studio, Barb’s Centre for Dance.   When we’re not involved in the dance world, we’re also very busy with Valley Harvest Church, where our family helps take care of the building among many, many other things.