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All That Glitters

Written By: Erika - Jun• 21•08

by Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris is a well known Christian author who usually sets his novels in historic time periods.  I’ver read several of his novels, and have enjoyed each one.  This one was a little different.  This one was a modern day time line, constructed around a movie producer and his film crew.

When the book first opens, we meet Afton Burns, a young lady dealing with the very recent death of her mother in Scotland. As she is grieving, she receives an unexpected phone call from a man claiming to be her father.  He heard of her mother’s death, and was calling to ask her to come visit, give him a chance to be a father to her and get to know him better.  Afton decides to take the chance.  A trip to America couldn’t be that bad- could it?

It isn’t long before Afton is thrown headfirst into the very Un-Christian world of Hollywood.   She ends up assisting her father, and along the way, finds the father that she never knew she had.  As accidents begin to happen on the set of her father’s movie, as well as financing problems, Afton receives the opportunity to share Jesus with those around her.

I enjoyed reading this book-it was a nice evening read, a way to wrap up the day.  However, I found several aspects of the novel to be lacking.  The Hollywood people were so…formulaic and predictable.  The quiet recluse really wasn’t as mysterious as he seemed, and the storyline itself was terribly predictable.  A lot of the dialogue seemed contrived, and I know at the time I was reading this, I thought the moments where Afton discussed her faith just didn’t seem very realistic.   Like I said though, I did enjoy the novel, it was a nice break from some heavier reading I’d been doing.  However, it wasn’t a wow, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend purchasing the book.  If you come across it at the library, it would be worth the time to borrow it.  Definitely a Christian novel with Christian context- so keep that in mind as well.

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