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The Nanny Diaries

Written By: Erika - Sep• 08•08

by Emma Kraus and Nicola McLaughlin

This was a cute read.  I read it when I was looking to read something that wasn’t deep and this fit the bill perfectly.  The book follows the story of the aptly named “Nan” and her adventures as a nanny for the creme de la creme of New York society.  While a fictional account, it was written by two former nannies, which lead us to believe that this book could be very close to how life actually is for nannies and the well-to-dos.

It was literally jaw-dropping at times as I read some of the things that Mrs. X would demand of Nan.  While she was not a live-in nanny, she might as well have been with all the time she spent with the little boy, Grayer, filling in for Mrs. X who had “things to do.”  Add into all this the elusive Mr. X and his philandering ways, and the story really was quite hilarious at times.  I know I felt for Grayer, and I suspect there was a bit of truth in this fictional story.  How does a nanny not become attached to their young charges?  What happens when a nanny needs to be replaced?  And what happens when the parents never even come home at night?   There was a serious side to this book, but not enough to bog it down or cause the reader to become morose or depressed.

All in all, it really was an enjoyable read, chick-lit all the way, and the perfect thing to read when you don’t want to be preached at.  The tone of the authors was light and fun, and I would easily pick up another book that they wrote together.

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