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Her Fork In The Road: Women Celebrate Food and Travel

Written By: Erika - Dec• 31•08

by Lisa Bach

I cannot close 2008 without at least one more post.  My queue of books I’ve read is getting longer and longer, and I just have been procrastinating getting them in.  Maybe over the next few days I’ll take the time to get a few more reviews in here.  I suppose not many people check in here, but that’s okay, this is really for my benefit.  I’ve surprised myself by going back and not remembering that I read some of these…

But to the book at hand.  Her Fork In The Road is actually a collection of stories from women food writers all over the globe.  It’s stories of their travels and explorations, and many of these have been printed before in magazines and journals, but here, they’re collected in one specific place.  What all these stories have in common is that they all reflect food in one way or another.   And oh my, so many of the stories caught me up with their descriptive and personal reflections.  I immediately wanted to find a travel agent and do my own food exploration.

I admit that It’s been a while since I held this book in my hands, but just thinking about it, I’m remembering the story of the woman traveling through the jungle in search of a curry… I don’t even remember what country she was in, but she was looking for a specific village where the curry was extra special, and we finally find the village.  We read about the women who are enclosed in a tiny hot building, stirring curry over a fire, literally pouring their sweat into the curry to give it “that special seasoning”.  The author of this story joins in, adding to the fragrant curry, and we learn that many of the women who made this curry in the past died from lung diseases from breathing in the smoke and curry all day long… the author reflected that this was a meal that people died for- literally, and I remember thinking that it just could not be worth it in any sense.

I remember the story about the hiker, who was hiking over several hundred miles in Nepal (maybe) and didn’t have as much money as she thought, and she talked about surviving on discarded M&M’s and eating dehydrated rations like they were going out of style.

But the stories are so beautifully written and so enchanting.  Food is a universal love language, and I enjoyed this book a lot and would recommend it to just about anyone.  I also think it would make a great gift for a foodie or for a traveler, as this book encompasses both so well.

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