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Written By: Erika - Jan• 22•09

by Mary Kay Andrews

I can’t say that I’ve read a Mary Kay Andrews book before.  But I was looking for something different and light, and this popped off the rack and into my arms.  I’m always up for most things food related, and thought I’d give it a whirl.

The book begins with Gina Foxton, a 30-year old TV chef, with a penchant for Southern style cooking with a twist.  She strives to make her southern cooking as healthful as possible, without destroying the integrity of the food.  While she is only on a local tv station, she has high hopes of making it big time on the national cooking channel.  Well, plans run amuk, when the producer of her TV show, who also happens to be her boyfriend, is caught sleeping with a major sponsor’s wife.  The sponsor flips, pulls the sponsorship, and Gina’s show is threatened.  Her only hope for success lies with the Cooking Channel and securing a spot in it’s national broadcast.

Enter “Vittles” and and Hunk-O-Man Tate Moody, whose specialty is cooking with the bounty of the land.  Tate’s hook is that he also has a companion on the show, and not just any companion, but a charming four-legged dog named Moonpie.   Tate’s tv show is also vying for a spot in the Cooking Channel’s line-up.  The only thing standing in his way?  Why, Ms. Foxton of course.

In classic food television style, Gina and Tate are asked to face off in a competition of sorts, and both agree, desperately clinging to the lifeline that could make them or brake them.  While they begin the journey as adversaries, there is also a mutual respect that turns into amicability.

The ending was completely obvious and not a surprise, but I actually found myself enjoying this book very much.  It was a quick read, and completely entertaining.  I found the descriptions of the food completely engaging, and wished very much for a few recipes at the end of the book, like so many are doing now.  While the book was a bit on the fluffy side, it was a nice departure from heavier reading.  It was definitely a nice change from the usual beach-subject reads, and I would certainly pick up another book by Mark Kay Andrews if the mood struck.

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