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Written By: Erika

I love to read. I have always loved reading, yet when someone asks me if I’ve read a good book lately, I always have a hard time coming up with an answer.  The term “good book” is so subjective!  So I created this blog to keep track of what I read so that I can answer those questions.  I review all the books I read- good or bad, so that I can remember to stay away from the bad ones.

In general, I like most types of fiction.  I do stay away from steamy romance novels and horror/gore.  I don’t mind suspense fiction (Dean R. Koontz would be an example here) and I love historical fiction.  I also love a good mystery from time to time, and lately, I’ve been discovering many of the classics.  Another genre I tend to enjoy is fantasy writing- although I prefer more human fantasy than animals or objects.  Sci-Fi has its moments too, as does junior fiction.   I’ve also been reading a lot of Christian fiction.  It used to be that a good Christian-themed novel was either hard to find or poorly written, so it’s exciting to find great works with a Christian current running throughout.

Non-fiction has it’s place too.  In particular, since I am a foodie, I like to read cookbooks and foodie reads.  Sometimes they can come across a little alarmist, but I still enjoy reading them.  I’ve also been picking up a few gardening reads as well, so hopefully I’ll have a few reviews of those eventually.

Pretty much, I love to read.  I welcome comments anytime, and expecially love to see someone else’s point of view on a book that particularly touched them somehow.

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