And Now For The Herbs

Today I managed to get a large portion of the herb garden tended and planted.  That was a bit of work!  Here you can see the before picture- what I had to work with.

Somewhere in there is a sage plant as well as a lemon thyme plant.  And way at the back you can almost see the scallions that are there.   This was a chore.  I had to go through and dig out all those weeds by hand- still digging out that blasted bishop’s weed.  Someday I will be rid of it all!   I pulled all the weeds to just past the scallions, and then I worked in 4 bags of composted manure.  I did manage to find the sage and lemon thyme alive and well, and then I gave them some friends.

I put in marjoram, thyme, lovage, two kinds of basil, and then the leeks and onions as well.  Once those were planted, I also planted some chive, fennel and dill seed in the patch.  Hopefully in the week to come I’ll find a little bit of time to dig out the weeds beyond the scallions and put in a few more herb plants.  Here is my after photo:

I have to say, planting all those onions and leeks by hand was really rather obnoxious.   And I just realized that I don’t have any new scallions- just the ones from last year, so I will definitely have to put those at the other end of the bed, along with some parsley, rosemary and whatever other herbs I can find at the garden center.  All the ones that went in today I started from seed.

One piece of yard at a time…