Tomato Pollination Update

I should have known. Tomatoes are self-pollinating- they pretty much take care of themselves when it comes to pollination.  However, once I have blossoms on my plant, if I give the plant a shake every once in a while, it could assist the pollination by encouraging pollen to fall to right where it needs to. […]

From The Notebook

I’ve been going through my seldom-written in notebook from the past three growing years.  My, how the obsession has grown! Three years ago, in 2007, the bulk of my garden was planted by April 30th.  A second planting of lettuce, turnips, and red beets in July that year failed. That was the year I tried […]


So just now I went to water one of my tomato plants.  It’s very interesting- I have three plants, and two look drastically different from the third.  Drastically- I’m beginning to wonder if they are actually different varieties or…what?  I dunno. Anyway, as I’m watering this plant, I noticed that a blossom is on the […]