Compost Is In!

Andy had our load of dirt delivered last Friday, and he spent the weekend filling my beds up whenever he had a few spare minutes.

We still have a pile of dirt, and Andy has lumber, so he MAY build me one more raised bed for in the garden.  If he doesn’t, I’ll just plant in the ground, so either way works for me.

The community plot is turning out to be quite the project, but on the plus side, I have found a whole bunch of hidden strawberry plants in the plot!  I’ve been digging them up and moving them to one corner of the plot- I hope they like their new spot.  Tomorrow I plan on moving the rest and then mulching around them.

Also, yesterday, April 27th, I sowed seeds.  Snap peas were put in the dirt the day before, but yesterday I sowed lettuces, spinach, radishes, scallions and Swiss chard.  I’ve also been hardening off the brassicas, so they should hit the dirt sometime Thursday.

I think this is a full two weeks earlier than I sowed last year.  Come on warm temperatures!