Who We Are

Erika is an avid vegetable gardener who lives in the grey area of Wisconsin between zones 5A and 4B.  Some years its closer to a 5, some years its closer to a 4.   Erika’s real passion is for heirloom plants- especially tomatoes.  Her ultimate goal is to configure her garden plot to maximize the idea of 3-season gardening, even here in the cold north.   Erika’s favorite vegetable to grow is Swiss Chard.  It’s the most hardy, durable, and will give you a crop from early spring to early winter from one single sowing.  The next few years will see Erika transitioning from basic Square Foot Gardening principles to that of Potager gardening- a slightly more intensive, but more beautiful way of gardening.

TomatoBug hails from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and gardens in a 4A hardiness zone.  His specialty is hot peppers and tomatoes, which all turn into the most delicious salsa at their season’s peak.

Erika and TomatoBug are brother and sister who discovered a passion for vegetable gardening which they come by honestly.  Both grandfathers planted and maintained the most wonderful gardens year after year.  What better family tradition to carry on than one that nurtures and sustains every member of the family, the whole year through.

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