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Our Big Fat House Re-Do: Introduction

It’s time to start sharing about the house we are living in and working on a little bit at a time. When we moved here in the middle of June, it was after this house found us- literally.  We had to move unexpectedly, and so put an ad on our local Craigslist that we were searching for a new home.  The owner of this house called us- but not because of this ad, rather, because of the handyman ad we […]

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Times Three! We went back and forth this year on how many trees to put up.  One is clearly more than enough, but two years ago we were given a second full-size Christmas tree, and we really couldn’t decide which one we’d rather have up.  For the past two years we’ve been putting up both large trees (and then the smaller four foot tree on a counter or shelf), but we didn’t really have enough decorations for two large full-size […]

Those I Love Best

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog.  Every once in a while something totally random that won’t fit on my other blogs comes up, and I think I should post it here, and then I don’t.  And the blog just sits, and is boring. It’s time to stop being boring, and it’s time to revitalize the blogs that have lain dormant for far too long. A Piece Of Home is going to start getting updated […]

A Grocery Challenge of Sorts

Many people are complaining about the cost of groceries these days.  And with good reason, they are increasing like crazy, and a shopping cart that used to cost me around $80 is now over the $100 mark, and showing no signs of slowing. In the past, I have challenged myself to shop less, to do more with things already on hand, and those have been fun challenges.  The thing about them, though, is that they were planned in advance.  I […]

Re-Organizing and New Year Planning

I realize the ultimate irony is that I am doing this particular post on this particular blog.  I started this blog years ago when it was called “Menu Planning 101” to try and help me stay focused on my weekly meal planning, and maybe help others out as well.   Menu planning has fallen out of fancy for me, and while I keep trying to get it going again, it’s just not sticking as much as I want it to.  Our […]


The other day I was thinking about my shopping habits, and how they’ve drastically changed since moving to the city. And I mean drastically. My weekly trip grocery shopping doesn’t always happen anymore.  There are weeks where I will just stop in at any one of the stores, pick up about $25 worth of perishables like milk, butter and eggs, and that’s my shopping for the week.   Before, living in a small town, I had to stock up when I […]

Our No-Spend Month

At the tail end of August and beginning of September, we took a long careful look at our finances and decided we needed to enlist the help of a No-Spend Month to curb our spending.  With fall on the way, and winter just beyond that, we were going to need to get in a mindset of not spending.  Getting in all our curriculum for the year in August did not help… but a quick assessment of where we stood showed […]

Menu Planning Monday

Busy, busy week here this week!  Between swimming lessons and dance classes we’ve got a lot of back and forth, with not as much time for cooking in-between. We had an impromptu party on Saturday, so I have a few leftovers from that to squeeze into meals this week- meaning, I have a lot of salad here.  Today is also the day that I make a fresh blueberry pie for dinner as a way of celebrating blueberries.  I had to […]

Back In The Saddle

About two weeks ago, I decided I needed to get back into the thick of menu planning.  I’d shied away from it for a while- partly because the winter was a long tedious routine of cooking what was on hand- that made for boring menu planning.  Since we’ve moved to a more convenient city, menu planning didn’t seem necessary, since I could just run to my favorite grocery stores- the farthest being a seven-minute drive away. But while my grocery […]

Menu Planning Monday: B2S Edition

It’s back to school this week!  We’re excited to kick off our homeschooling adventure and see if we can get into some kind of rhythm with our days.  It’s also a short week for us, as we’ll be travelling to the Twin Cities again this coming weekend to say bon voyage to summer. Since we’re schooling at home, and time may be an issue, I’m also tackling some lunch menu plans as well.  Wish me luck in sticking to the […]

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