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A Grocery Challenge of Sorts

Many people are complaining about the cost of groceries these days.  And with good reason, they are increasing like crazy, and a shopping cart that used to cost me around $80 is now over the $100 mark, and showing no signs of slowing. In the past, I have challenged myself to shop less, to do more with things already on hand, and those have been fun challenges.  The thing about them, though, is that they were planned in advance.  I […]


The other day I was thinking about my shopping habits, and how they’ve drastically changed since moving to the city. And I mean drastically. My weekly trip grocery shopping doesn’t always happen anymore.  There are weeks where I will just stop in at any one of the stores, pick up about $25 worth of perishables like milk, butter and eggs, and that’s my shopping for the week.   Before, living in a small town, I had to stock up when I […]

Our No-Spend Month

At the tail end of August and beginning of September, we took a long careful look at our finances and decided we needed to enlist the help of a No-Spend Month to curb our spending.  With fall on the way, and winter just beyond that, we were going to need to get in a mindset of not spending.  Getting in all our curriculum for the year in August did not help… but a quick assessment of where we stood showed […]

While I’m Taking It Easy

I’m afraid that I’ve had to enable full comment moderation. Holy cow, have I been getting the spam the last few days! Sorry if that causes problems, bear with me while I try and get rid of them permanently. Something with my spam catcher isn’t working right.

Very Quick Menu Plan Monday

I’m scrambling a bit this morning, but since I actually have some semblance of a meal plan this morning, I really wanted to get it down. The last few weeks have seen us busy, and also seen us in some hot sticky and unexpected salad weather! This week I only have a partial meal plan, as we’ll be gone for the weekend celebrating with family, so we won’t be home to cook. I do have a whole plethora of goodies […]

Sardine Update

I promised an update to the spaghetti with sardines, and I am happy to report that it was a bit of a success.  The dish turned out far better than I anticipated, and it will be repeated again.  For the full review and photos, be sure to check out my main blog Tummy Treasure.

Off The Exercise Wagon

Ah well, I knew it was too good to last.  At least for now.  Two weeks ago I pulled my neck badly (no idea how), so I had to forego the workout that week.  Then last week I was not feeling well with a nice cold, so no exercise for me.  This week, I’m still recovering a bit.  I’m tired and just making the most of where I expend my energy.  My original plan had been to take it back […]

Menu Plan Monday- Break Week

I guess I’ll be taking a break this week from Menu Planning Monday.  I don’t really have anything to plan!  Tonight we’re having leftovers from last night’s Fajita-Fest with friends.   Wednesday night we’re having dinner with Ma & Pa, and this weekend we’ll be busy away with church fun, so that really leaves Tuesday and Thursday.  Except that Tuesday is dance night, so that’s the night we throw something in the crock pot, usually soup.  And Thursday, well, we have […]

No Real Menu Plan Monday This Week!

I think it’s just too crazy and uncertain of a week to do some solid menu planning this week.  I’ve been maintaining my pantry challenge exceptionally well.  Just last night I cobbled together an amazing meatball soup from freezer remnants, and I’m feeling fantastic about actually using the things that I’ve put in the freezer. I have a little baking to do yet today and tomorrow, and I’ll be contributing to meals for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but […]

Something New…

Do You notice something new here?  If you haven’t, take a minute, look around, and tell me what you see.  Got it?  I’ve decided, after much musing and speculating, to take my Menu Planning 101 and integrate it more into a blog about home.  See, from time to time, I come across a great hint, tip, or new cleaning product as an example, and I have no place to share that.  Take my recent craft project on Tummy Treasure, the […]