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Still Steppin’

I just wanted to give a quick update… it’s now been five weeks, and I’m still stepping three days a week. Whew! Tuesday this week I decided I was bored with the video I’ve been using, and went online to find another.  While I was reading the reviews, I saw someone mention progressing through their video by raising their step. Ah! Lightbulb moment for me there.  I started with one set of risers, but have a second, so yesterday I […]

Do You Step?

I’ve gone back and forth on posting this…  this week, I decided it was time to re-incorporate some kind of exercise routine.  I’m really terrible at exercising with any regularity.  I’ve always been that way, and would like to change that… but what had me thinking about it this week was that I was gazing longingly at my snow-covered garden, wishing it was spring, and thinking about all the work to be done out there.   Then I thought of those […]