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Re-Organizing and New Year Planning

I realize the ultimate irony is that I am doing this particular post on this particular blog.  I started this blog years ago when it was called “Menu Planning 101” to try and help me stay focused on my weekly meal planning, and maybe help others out as well.   Menu planning has fallen out of fancy for me, and while I keep trying to get it going again, it’s just not sticking as much as I want it to.  Our […]

Menu Planning Monday

Busy, busy week here this week!  Between swimming lessons and dance classes we’ve got a lot of back and forth, with not as much time for cooking in-between. We had an impromptu party on Saturday, so I have a few leftovers from that to squeeze into meals this week- meaning, I have a lot of salad here.  Today is also the day that I make a fresh blueberry pie for dinner as a way of celebrating blueberries.  I had to […]

Back In The Saddle

About two weeks ago, I decided I needed to get back into the thick of menu planning.  I’d shied away from it for a while- partly because the winter was a long tedious routine of cooking what was on hand- that made for boring menu planning.  Since we’ve moved to a more convenient city, menu planning didn’t seem necessary, since I could just run to my favorite grocery stores- the farthest being a seven-minute drive away. But while my grocery […]

Menu Planning Monday: B2S Edition

It’s back to school this week!  We’re excited to kick off our homeschooling adventure and see if we can get into some kind of rhythm with our days.  It’s also a short week for us, as we’ll be travelling to the Twin Cities again this coming weekend to say bon voyage to summer. Since we’re schooling at home, and time may be an issue, I’m also tackling some lunch menu plans as well.  Wish me luck in sticking to the […]

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 8th

It’s been a few weeks since I actually menu planned.  We’ve been a bit busy, and we’ll continue to be quite busy through this week, however, I have a fridge full of leftovers that need to be used in a myriad of ways, so I figured I needed to menu plan to utilize them all. As always, and even on the weeks I end up not participating, you can always get tons of menu planning inspiration from I’m An Organizing […]

Menu Plan Monday

I’m on the ball this week!  I actually had my menu plan written Wednesday of last week, and had planned on going grocery shopping Thursday… well, there was a snafu and we didn’t get paid until Friday, so the shopping was done Friday instead.  And that worked out better anyway because we planned an impromptu get-together with friends for Saturday and I was able to pick up a few things while I was out running around. Anyway.  This week, I […]

Menu Planning Monday: May!

Happy May! The flipping of the calendar to May certainly has me craving some fresh garden produce!  Our local farmer’s market is scheduled to open in just a few weeks, and I’m intrigued to see what people have had success growing so early in the growing season (at least around here). I haven’t been in much of a meal planning mood as of late, and I think the last few menus reflect that.  I also haven’t been in much of […]

Menu Planning Monday

As always, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing meal planning inspiration over at I’m An Organizing Junkie.  If it weren’t for Laura and her weekly event, I think I would have abandoned menu planning way more often than I do. This week is a pretty basic week for us.  Andy won’t be home for a few days, so I’ll be breaking out the tofu. He is really, really afraid that I’ll cook it up and serve it […]

Menu Planning Tuesday

Well, after a very busy, but exciting, weekend, I just didn’t feel like getting around to the menu planning until very late last night.  I was also feeling like I didn’t have much inspiration, so I went to the bookshelf and pulled two cookbooks off the shelf, which are serving as this week’s inspiration. First off, I am using my From Amish And Mennonite Kitchens cookbook to do a little bit of comfort food for Tuesday.  Thursday and Friday I’ll […]

MPM: Short and Easy Week

I almost decided against participating in Menu Plan Monday this week.  I have an easy week on tap… the kids are home for two bonus days this week, and a busy weekend ahead means little cooking for the Tummy Treasure kitchens.   But in the interest of not having to run to the store every day this week, I thought I should come up with some semblance of a plan. Sunday: Easter dinner at Mom’s Monday: Homemade Pizzas, Applesauce Tuesday: Simple […]