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A Cookbook Conundrum

So I have this wonderful bookshelf full of cookbooks- and almost all of the cookbooks get cooked out of at one time or another. (No, really, they do.) There are (omg) 112 cookbooks on this shelf, plus room for just a handful more. This also doesn’t count the archive boxes of magazines up above… But here is the problem.  Just this morning, I was looking at a small treasure trove of plum tomatoes and thinking about how I’d love to […]

Organizing Those Recipes…Electronically

I have to admit, sometimes I’m an old-fashioned girl. I love to read books and magazines on paper, I love cookbooks, and I love the simple process of writing down a recipe on paper with a sturdy pen or pencil. But in the day and age of the internet and “cut and paste” there simply have to be some options for electronic recipe storage. I can share a few options which I hold true to, but I hope that on […]

About Cookbooks

When you have a cookbook collection like mine, it can be daunting to try and think of a way to organize the books themselves, let alone the recipes within. My method is far from perfect, but so far it seems to suit me okay, and maybe it could be helpful to someone who is just too overwhelmed. First, I need to break down my cookbooks into categories. Basically, there are three types of cookbooks for me. There’s the “reference cookbooks” […]

Organize Those Recipes: Part One

Wait! Don’t run away! I promise, it’s totally do-able. But first, I need to warn you and let you know that it’s an on-going process. Seriously, if I sat down and decided to organize all the recipes in my posession…well, let’s just say that I would probably be in the same chair for two weeks straight, and I’d have just begun to make a dent. So we’re going to do this one step at a time, and this is the […]