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Quick Tips: Saving Money on Soap

Many, many years ago I was one of the first people to jump on the body wash bandwagon.  Remember when that became the rage?  Places like Bath & Body Works started springing up, touting their body washes, and those plastic netted puffs that really made the body wash spring to life in the shower.  I loved the body wash right at the beginning.  It was so convenient to use, and those puffs really work well in the shower for lathering […]

Freezer Inventory

It’s been a while since I posted any menu planning tips, but today’s is certainly a doozy of a tip.  Menu planning can be such a fantastic way to trim the grocery budget.  Even better, I can be more economical sometimes by making a little extra and freezing for another day.  But how do we remember what we’ve actually frozen?  How do you know that you have 8 quarts of chicken stock in the freezer?  And how do you know […]

Quick Tip For The Budget: Repurposing

I know I have said this before many, many times, but we are not leftover people.  We simply don’t like sitting down to the same meal two nights in a row, or even every other night.  I seldom cook a meal to have again in it’s entirety another night.  But with grocery prices on the rise and my budget in constant check, I have learned how to re-purpose a dish to make it something completely different. Take for example, the […]

Quick Tip- Budgeting

I just wanted to share this post over at Blogher today.  My friend Alanna, of A Veggie Venture fame, put together a wonderful resource on saving money while grocery shopping.  There may be many tips that you’ve seen before, but we could all use a refresher. And perhaps there’s a tip or two you’ve never thought of before.  It’s definitely worth your time to check out.

Quick Tip Today- Convenience Foods

For a long while I did my best to eschew convenience foods- canned soups, rice in a box, cake mix.  I felt better about feeding my family if I avoided these products.  But then slowly they started creeping back in, and by golly, I felt bad about it for awhile!  Sometimes though, it’s those convenience products that really save the day.  Using them every once in a while is not going to wreck my perfect little world, it’s using them […]

Quick Tip: Flexibility!

One of the things about menu planning is that sometimes you do need to have some flexibility available. Today is the perfect example of that for me. Tonight’s planned meal, Southwestern Pork with Sweet Potatoes was totally dependant on me doing my weekly grocery shopping today. Since we’re in the middle of a snow warning, with about 4 inches on the ground and potentially more on the way, I’m not going anywhere today. So instead I’ll be pulling some chicken […]

Quick Tip!

Here’s a quick little tidbit for anyone just starting out with menu planning. Don’t get all fancy-schmancy your first few times out there. Start with recipes or meals that you already make well. Maybe make a list of your standby tried-and-trues to refer to. Then as you get more comfortable making a plan, then start incorporating some new recipes. Remember- menu planning is all about saving you TIME and MONEY. It’s not supposed to cause stress and anxiety.