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Freezer Inventory

It’s been a while since I posted any menu planning tips, but today’s is certainly a doozy of a tip.  Menu planning can be such a fantastic way to trim the grocery budget.  Even better, I can be more economical sometimes by making a little extra and freezing for another day.  But how do we remember what we’ve actually frozen?  How do you know that you have 8 quarts of chicken stock in the freezer?  And how do you know […]

But How Do I…

I shared a few weeks ago about how I get inspired to make a menu.  Most often, it’s strictly by what I feel like making.  I’ll ask Andy if there’s anything he’s been craving sometimes, but mostly, I just try and make a menu based on things I haven’t made in a while.  Often times too, in the winter mostly when Andy isn’t working, I’ll make a menu based on what I have in the pantry at the time.   But […]

When Menu Planning…

One of the steps that makes the whole process easier is setting up your own loose guidelines for menu planning.   For example, some people may assign certain meals to certain nights of the week- think Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday, that kind of a thing.    We have one of these nights regularly- and that’s Crockpot Wednesday due to a busy afternoon and evening.   There should be a method that works best for you, and here are some ideas for how […]