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A Fun New Art Supply

Has anyone else seen these while out and about? A week ago or so I spotted some Crayola Window Markers at the grocery store, and I picked them up because I thought it sounded like fun. Sure enough, they are fun all right.  The kids think it’s a blast writing on the windows- and even Mom and Dad have been seen adding to the doodles.  We all wish there were more colors, but overall, what a fun new product- and […]

Kid Tip: The Treasure of A Forgotten Toy

There are simply some toys in our house that don’t get played with very often.  There are a few, like the Play-Doh, that reside in a large tote in the basement, to come out only when mom or dad feel like getting it out and dealing with the mess.  There are also a few, like a large box of mega-blox, that are in a box so bog, that it only fits in the basement, thus, it’s forgotten about and not […]

Kid Tips: Cups, Cups, Cups

I thought that today I would share one of the best ideas I think I’ve ever had.  Some time last year, I was lamenting the loss of sippy cups.  We’d been done with sippy cups for a while, but there is something really great about a cup with a top for kids.   You don’t have to worry as much about spills, and when the kids want to take a drink outside, you don’t have to worry as much about bugs […]

Kid Tips: Place-cards

Happy Thanksgiving!  Any time we have company over for a seated dinner, that is always an opportunity to get the kids involved.  I say seated dinner, because we do a lot of potluck style entertaining, where we set the food out on the counter and everyone can help themselves to whatever they like.  But holidays, and family meals get a nicely set table,  place-cards included. While placecards may be an old-fashioned institution, in our household, it’s an opportunity for the […]