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No Lie- Homemade Laundry Detergent!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen countless times over in the blogosphere where people have been making their own laundry detergent. I’ve read hundreds of posts on it, and while it totally ingtrigued me, I just wasn’t sold that it actually worked. I have always been particular about the detergent we used- we used Tide with Bleach for years, until they changed to the bleach alternative. Then we had to stop using Tide because the alternative gave my kids […]

Spring Cleaning For Normal People: Baseboards & Spiders

It’s been a few weeks since I posted something from “Spring Cleaning For Normal People” and that is because the event no longer exists.  The sweet lady who was organizing it just decided she had too much on her plate and had to cut some things out.  I can’t say I blame her in the least, considering she is in the home stretch of bringing a new child into this world.  But I miss the event.  My spring cleaning is […]

Spring Cleaning For Normal People: The Real World

The real world is that no matter how good our intentions are, the spring cleaning may not get done as it should.  So this week is catch-up week.  Crystal confessed that she didn’t do one lick of last week’s challenge, so this week, everyone is getting an opportunity to get all caught up.  It’s your opportunity too! It’s an opportunity to jump right in and get caught up, because there are still several weeks to go in Spring Cleaning For […]

Finishing This Week’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

I had a really off day yesterday.  I just didn’t feel quite right all day, and after I managed to clean the pantry and picked Zander up, I thought about taking it easy the rest of the day.  As I sat though, thinking about how I refuse to get sick in any way, I was also thinking about how if I was coming down with something, I probably wouldn’t get to finishing this week’s spring cleaning challenge.  That did it, […]

It’s A Beautiful Thing!

I woke up to snow this morning.  Grr.  With Andy traveling, that meant that I was on snow-removal duty.   It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I really hate shoveling.  However, over the last few weeks, as I’ve been doing my step workout, I was trying to figure out what I could do to incorporate more upper-body.  Guess I had my answer this morning.  So instead of a step workout, I changed things up with an upper […]

Spring Cleaning For Normal People: Kitchen, Part B

You knew more was coming in the kitchen right?  I knew, the second I mentioned in last weeks post about the pantry, that it was coming.   This week’s task is multi-step.  First, we need to empty out our pantry and cupboards, then clean the cupboards and pantry, and then put everything back in, in a nice tidy, orderly manner of course. Fortunately for me, cleaning out the pantry is a regular occurrence, thanks to our friends the ants, who seem […]

Spring Cleaning For Normal People: The Results

Well, most of my challenge is now complete.  The only part I haven’t done is the floor underneath the appliances.  Hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow, but since there won’t be pictures of that, I thought I’d share the pictures of my kitchen after the deep clean. (Make sure you scroll down to see the before pictures if you haven’t already.) Look! I found a countertop! And I also found a clean stove, and put away all the paperwork that […]

Spring Cleaning For Normal People, Part 3

Hmm, I think I’m missing something.  Well, last week, I skipped part two.  Part two was all about the living room, removing excess stuff, rearranging, and rethinking putting the excess stuff back in.  Our living room is quite small, and quite bare bones, meaning we don’t do the clutter, and there’s very little in the living room that isn’t functional.  In addition, nothing can move.  The fish tank has to stay where it is, and while the computer center and […]

Household Hints: A Family Calendar

I try really hard to pretend to be organized. I used to plan our family calendar in my head.  I would know when we had to be somewhere, when someone was coming over, when Andy had something going on, all in the confines of my little head.  It worked well when we were with people and discussing plans, but from time to time, something would fall through.  We’d forget an important family birthday, or miss one of Abigail’s Nutcracker practices.  […]