A Fun New Art Supply


Has anyone else seen these while out and about?

A week ago or so I spotted some Crayola Window Markers at the grocery store, and I picked them up because I thought it sounded like fun.

Sure enough, they are fun all right.  The kids think it’s a blast writing on the windows- and even Mom and Dad have been seen adding to the doodles.  We all wish there were more colors, but overall, what a fun new product- and much easier to use than window paint!

The window markers wash off with just a damp rag, although you do need to come behind it with a dry rag to fully clean it up.  The only caution is that it says on the package that it doesn’t necessarily wash out of clothing, so these may not be a great idea for the littlest ones.

I had been thinking about investing in a large white board for our schooling this fall… now we may just find ourselves using our windows to figure our math.  How fun is that? I can feel like Charlie Epps while showing my daughter how to do long division the way it’s supposed to be done.

A package of these lists on the Crayola website for $5.49- a little pricey for 8 markers, but given the amount they’ve already been used in our house? A great deal at that.

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  1. Tami says:

    I’ve never seen those markers before but I will be on the lookout for them now! We have a big picture window in our dining/computer room that I know my kids would have a blast coloring on! Not to mention the fun of watching the shocked faces of the firemen across the street from us because they won’t realize that the kids are actually allowed to write on the windows with markers. lol!

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