Menu Planning Monday

Busy, busy week here this week!  Between swimming lessons and dance classes we’ve got a lot of back and forth, with not as much time for cooking in-between.

We had an impromptu party on Saturday, so I have a few leftovers from that to squeeze into meals this week- meaning, I have a lot of salad here.  Today is also the day that I make a fresh blueberry pie for dinner as a way of celebrating blueberries.  I had to put the last of our 40 pounds into the freezer this morning for quality reasons, so now we have just over 20 quarts of berries in the freezer, plus some delicious jam.   Some of those blueberries are going to be traded for farm fresh chicken in a few weeks.

So here’s the week ahead.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it is nice to see a plan for the week so that I don’t have to really think on it each and every day.  I am contemplating squeezing a BBQ pizza in this week instead of one of the planned meals- but if I don’t, I’ll be taking leftover BBQ ribs from the weekend, pulling the meat off, and then freezing that for another time.

Sunday: Leftovers, blueberry crisp for dessert
Monday: Pie Day- a broccoli-cheese quiche and fresh blueberry pie
Tuesday: Chicken Stir-Fry, Yellow Rice, Lettuce Salad
Wednesday: Tacos/Black Bean burritos, lettuce salad, fresh fruit
Thursday: Fried Rice, Lettuce salad, fresh fruit
Friday: Hamburgers, grilled potatoes and onions, more salad!
Saturday: What’s good at the farmer’s market day.

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