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First Joy

Our first two days of school have been wonderful.

My plan to begin with Core K and then add Core 4 next week is going beautifully, because I can see exactly where to slide in the Core 4 components. All except the read-alouds. I am still putting some thought into those.

The Core 4 history will happen right after Zander’s Core K history. I have the kids do math, and then when Zander is done with his math, we work on his history together. It’s only after we’re done with history that Abigail is done with her math, so right there is the perfect spot to add another layer of history.

But I haven’t figured out the read-alouds yet. I would like to end our days with the Core 4 read-alouds. Right now we’re ending with the Core K poetry and read-aloud. What I am keeping an eye out for is the perfect place to insert the Core K read-aloud and poetry so that the read-alouds are separate from each other. The K read-alouds are short and sweet. The 4 read-alouds are much longer. So maybe we’ll do them after handwriting, but before math? Or after map skills and before they do their reading.

Hmm. Don’t know yet, but I do know this. Our first two days have gone beautifully. We have flowed from subject to subject very smoothly, and the kids just seem eager- they are ready to learn after a long summer off.

And it just feels right.  As summer went on and on, I just was feeling like there was something missing from my day.  Not this week.  A return to schooling has added a wonderful layer of normalcy back into our days.  I am so glad to be back at it, and now that we are back in the saddle, I’m starting to wonder about summer vacation for next year.  I do think a nice long break is good for the kids, but I also am starting to think that maybe after a period of time- say six weeks- it wouldn’t be worth it to do some half-days of school and get a jump on the school year.  It’s something to think about, and a way to be able to go on some of the bunny trails that we’d like to hop on down.

It feels great to be back.

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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

It’s finally arrived.  The Sacred Sprouts Schoolhouse goes back to school Monday morning.  Two days before the rest of the city around us, actually, but when I figured out our calendar, and explained to the kids that we wanted to be able to take a full three weeks (maybe four) off for Christmas, they agreed with the idea of starting a little early.

Our first few weeks are going to be a bit of an adjustment period, but I’m at least happy with the direction our first week should be taking.   The biggest thing I’ve been trying to figure out is exactly how to work the two different Cores together so that our day runs smoothly.  Well, for the first week, I’ve decided to not use one of our cores.

I know how Core 4 will run for Abigail.  It’s a smooth continuation from last year, and we’re all looking forward to it.  What I don’t know, is how our Core K material will flow for Zander.  So our first week will be Zander’s core only, with all the other go-withs added in.  We’ll get those first five days to adjust, and I’m hoping that as the week progresses, I will figure out the natural places to integrate Core 4 the following week.  Technically, then, Abigail will be behind by a week as far as the core work goes, but we had no problems last year condensing about six weeks total, so we’ll get back on schedule in no time.

Here is my plan for that first week.  Hopefully by actually getting my thoughts down here, it will make more sense to me- and I’ll see any errors before we get there.

We’ll start out our day with Bible and the Pledge of Allegiance together.   Following that, both kids will move to the table to work on Handwriting, which only takes a few minutes.  After that, we move on to Math.  Abigail should be able to work independently for the most part, allowing me to concentrate on working with Zander.  Although these first few weeks are going to be a piece of cake for him- I expect math class will take about 10 minutes or so.

After math, we move on to History and Geography.  This week it will just be Zander’s materials, and since Abigail’s math will take her much longer, I’m thinking that Zander and I will go over his materials together, just the two of us, and Abigail can join in when she is finished with math.   After that, twice a week we’ll also be working on map skills and geography- the kids will have fun with that one.  Monday will not be one of those days.

Next, we’ll do reading.  Abigail will zip off to read her book for the week, while Zander will read out loud to me.  Abigail’s reading will obviously take much longer, so while she continues reading, Zander and I will work on his Spelling and Language Arts together.  If all goes according to plan, we should finish that up about the time that Abigail is done, and then her and I will do her Spelling and Language Arts together.   Once that is all done, we will read any Poetry readings all together for the day, followed by our Read Aloud.

That sounds like a perfect week and line-up to me.    Wish me luck as I try to figure out where to work in a second Read-Aloud and a second batch of History and Geography readings the following week.  Science we’ll be adding in later on as it’s taking me longer to gather materials than I expected.    All in good time.  That really just makes it easier to adjust to back-to-school mode and get a good routine of sorts going on.

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