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Rewarding Hard Work

I love it when I have an opportunity to praise my kids for their hard work.  This week has been one of those weeks.   Zander worked so hard on his math this week, impressing me with how quickly he took to the new material we’ve been working on.  He is now an expert at carrying while adding, and can add three, three-digit numbers together without batting an eye.  I’m so proud of him!  It’s been so worth digging in extra on our flashcards and basic math facts, because it really has helped him this week to add these massive numbers together.  Next we’ll spend more time visiting our subtraction facts, because coming up shortly, we’ll learn how to borrow to do our higher subtraction.  And can you believe that Zander asked me this week when he was going to get to do multiplication again.  Crazy boy.  It is coming up, but I suspect we won’t get there until after Christmas.

For Abigail this week, I assigned her double work.  She did two weeks worth of schooling in a few subjects and did them without complaining.  In fact, school was a joy for us this week.  After eleven weeks of study, we’re finally saying goodbye to the Civil War.  Oh, we both learned so much about the truth of that war, and celebrated reaching the end by sitting down as a family and watching the movie Gettysburg.  What a great movie to bring the reality of the war home.  It really showed how both sides believed what they were fighting for, but at the same time, they knew they were fighting brothers, relatives, and friends.

While studying the war, we also studied Abraham Lincoln, and truly enjoyed getting to know this Godly president.  He was a good man who only wanted the best for the United States of America.

But this week, sunshine emerged as we left the Civil War and started looking ahead to the exciting times ahead.  We’ve already spent time with cowboys and cattlemen, with both Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck, and we’re coming up on some exciting times for the railroad.

But something unique about homeschooling is that I can reward my children for their hard work in whatever way I feel is best.  And this week, after such dilifent work, the kids are being rewarded with a week off of school.  How fun is that!?  Of course, that means extra work on the other side of our week off, but at the same time, a week off sounds wonderful to me as well.

We’re one-third of the way through our school year, and it couldn’t be going better.

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Adding In Some French!

This was an unexpected request from my children.   One day at the library I found both of them in the foreign language section, looking through books.  They then informed me that they would like to learn French and checked out a mountain of books to do so.  Well, Zander said he’d like to learn Japanese too, but I told him that would have to wait until high school, because I cannot teach that.

French, on the other hand?  I have a basic understanding of.  It’s been a very long time since I spoke or wrote in French.   But let me tell you, once I started reminding myself of all the French I know, it’s surprisingly quite a bit.  AND it felt good to actually be speaking it again.  The kids and I watched a video I had checked out from the library…oh, was it bad! And the pronunciations weren’t even correct! So we stopped watching while I pondered what direction to take for learning French.

I sought out advice from veteran homeschoolers for a respectable curriculum for French.  Rosetta Stone is so highly respected, but also very highly priced, and I was looking for something affordable.  And something that I could use to teach with.  While I was pondering my choices, I was joyfully surprised by a fellow homeschooling mom who offered to send me a French curriculum that was not being used by them.  It arrived today and I’ve had a bit of time to look through it, and I’m very excited about.  As I read through a few things, the thought that came to me was that I can teach this!

It’s a high school curriculum from Power Glide (now known as Power Speak), and four semesters worth at that.  But since I have elementary scholars, we are going to take it much slower.  My initial thoughts are two days a week- Monday and Wednesday we’ll have ourselves a little French lesson time.   We’ll see how that goes.   If they start wanting more, we’ll add more.  If they lose interest, that’s okay too.  I may just keep going at it myself in that case.   But I think the approach will be a good one that won’t bore them at all.

I’m excited!  I had hoped to start adding it in next week, but it just occurred to me, as I look at my calendar, that we are nearing a holiday week.  Maybe we’ll hold off on the French until the new year.  I want to double up a few weeks of our regular core material so that we can take some extra time off over the next few weeks.   That’s okay.  It will give me time to bone up on my own French, and see how I want to use these materials for my students.

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