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Guess We Could Stop Now. :)

Yesterday I took a minute to update our Homeschool Tracker, and call me surprised when I put in our hours for the last two weeks and discovered that Abigail has already surpassed her required hours for schooling, according to the state of Wisconsin.

Requirement is 875 hours of instruction- she is sitting at 899 hours, and we still have six weeks left!  Zander is sitting at 828 hours, so he’ll clearly get to our required hours as well. Wow!

Today Zander got all excited when he flipped through his Handwriting book and found that he only has two weeks left in that one! He’s got three weeks left in his Spelling book, so his days will get a bit shorter in no time.

The sunshine is beckoning and teasing us with the days ahead.  The countdown is really underway now!

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A Little Sonlight Moment

I’ve been waiting for one of these moments.  I posted this earlier this morning on the Sonlight Forums, and thought I’d share here as well.

This week we began reading The House At Pooh Corner for our Core K read-aloud. I really hesitated about reading this book. My DS has his own ideas about what is too baby-ish for him, and Winnie-The-Pooh has been out of the picture for some time now. I was about two steps away from deciding to shelve this book and pull out something else instead, but something made me decide to just go ahead and read it.

Monday when we began, for the first time in two years, DS listened, enrapt. He always listens well to his RA’s, but he’s always busy, doing something with his hands. All week long, he’s just been sitting, listening intently to this book, not moving a muscle, worried he might miss something.

Thursday, after he laughed at something, DD made her way to the living room to “do her school work” and sat with a smile on her face while listening to the crazy adventures of Pooh and Piglet- like she was visiting with old friends.

But yesterday was the icing on the cake. While I was reading about Tigger and Roo climbing a tree and getting stuck(which we’re very familiar with from the movies), something in the dialogue totally clicked with my son, and he started laughing. Not just laughing, but literally, he was rolling on the floor, holding his stomach, with tears pouring from his eyes. Not surprisingly, older sister was not actually getting her math done, because she was also laughing heartily, and given this, we had to pause a good five minutes for all three of us to get the giggles under control.

It was a magical moment that I’d almost discarded. Thank you Sonlight for such a diversity of books- many that I’d never even consider pulling off the shelf and reading to my kids- or reading to myself. We really are loving learning with Sonlight, and every time we pull a new book off the shelf, there are great expectations on our part, as we know there is treasure within those pages.

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