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Missing School

Well, we’ve been out of school for a month now.  And I’m missing it!  Oh, it’s been a productive time of getting a whole lot done- especially in the yard, but when we’re not schooling, the kids go one way, I go another.  I miss spending the time with them.

And I think they are sort of missing school too- but they will certainly not admit that.  The other day we were at church, and Zander’s instructions were to be in his seat while I was busy with worship.  He did not stay in his seat as instructed, and when I found him later, he definitely got an earful from me.  But, it didn’t fail to catch my eye that what he actually was doing was something along the lines of a workbook of sorts- no clue what it was, but he was busy doing something that resembled schoolwork.

Our current plan is to begin our new school year the second week in August.  I want to take the month of August and do just our core work for both kids.  We won’t add in the Math, Language Arts, French, and other extras until after Labor Day.  Abigail’s core this year is going to be very intense, and it’s going to take some getting used to.  We’re definitely looking forward to it.  Zander’s core will also be more intense for him, compared to last year.  And I think if we take those first weeks of school and just focus on our core work, and figure out a rhythm there, adding in everything else will go so much easier.

In addition to our regular school work, I have some add-ins this year that will focus on using the computer.   Abigail’s moving up to middle school work, and I’m going to require more intensity from her.  For her, I am adding a Music Theory program, Typing, and a computer program called Word Roots which will focus on the etymology of words.  I am also considering adding to her math.  She’ll be doing Teaching Textbooks 7, but I’m considering adding content from Life of Fred two days a week to stretch her a bit.  Math comes really easy for her, I think she’d like a bit of a challenge.  Both kids will continue our French studies, though we will do so with the aid if Switched On Schoolhouse.  I had an opportunity to check out the Spanish version of it, and I think both kids will enjoy doing it.

So here is my current plans for the coming school year.  You will notice that Abigail will  not be doing formal Handwriting and Zander will not be doing formal Spelling.  His spelling will be his vocabulary words that we come across in his readers and read-alouds.  I’m unsure on electives for Zander this year.  I want him to try the music theory and the typing as well, but if it’s too much for him, it won’t be a big deal.  With a plan on paper, now it’s time to start the annual gathering of materials.

Abigail 6th Grade:

  • History/Geography/Core: Sonlight Core F: Eastern Hemisphere
  • Math:  Teaching Textbooks 7, Life of Fred:Fractions
  • Language Arts: BJU Press English 6, Word Roots, Sequential Spelling, Considering doing Lightning Literature Grade 7 half-pace
  • Reading: Sonlight Core F Readers
  • Science/Health: NOEO Biology 2, followed by NOEO Chemistry 2
  • Foreign Language: Switched On Schoolhouse French
  • Electives: Music Ace, Typing, and Lots and Lots of Dancing


Zander 2nd Grade:

  • History/Geography/Core:  Sonlight Core B: Intro To World History part 1
  • Math: Teaching Textbooks 3, Singapore 2B followed by 3A
  • Handwriting: A Reason For Handwriting “B”
  • Science: NOEO Biology 1 followed by NOEO Chemistry 1
  • Language Arts: BJU Press English 2
  • Reading: Sonlight Readers Grade 3 plus my own hearty reading list
  • Foreign Language: Switched On Schoolhouse French
  • Electives: Still Deciding- definitely dance

If we had materials, I would be tempted to start something school-wise with the kids, so I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t have what we need yet.  We have a camping vacation coming up, and after that I may have them do a few weeks of Science, since I do have that, and summer is the perfect time to do some Science exploring.  We’ll see.  Summer has a way of getting away from us.



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