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Post Sharing

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs to pop in on when I found a wonderfully encouraging post called “Do You Have Time To Home School?” And I just had to share.  I’ve had so many conversations about homeschooling lately with people IRL, and this post really expressed a lot of what I’ve been saying in one nice little package.

I also happen to love the pictures of the kids scattered about the house doing their schoolwork, because that’s very much how a day looks in our house!

Do You Have Time To Homeschool?

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The Two Week Countdown

So our Summer School plans never matriculated.  Honestly, each week I would look at our schedule, and it just didn’t feel right to start school.  Between swimming lessons in the morning for four weeks, and our evening dance schedule, we just had so little free time that getting any schooling done was so unappealing.

So I decided to shelve it for a little while, and now I’m very glad I did.

I’ve been worried about the coming school year.  I waited too long to begin ordering curriculum, and now that it’s the time we have to have it, the finances are not there to do so.  For a few weeks I stressed and worried about this, and then I was reminded that God sent us on this journey in the first place.  He knows our exact needs for school this coming year, and I am trusting that He is going to make a way in that regard.  But in addition to that, my eyes have also been opened to the materials I already have here in the home.

I have math that both kids can do.  I bought a Life of Fred book for each of them to supplement their Teaching Textbooks with.  Well, I don’t have the Teaching Textbooks yet, but I do have the Life of Fred.  I probably have enough material for a good six weeks- plenty of time to order and receive the Teaching Textbooks.  I also have the last few weeks of Singapore math that Zander could do- and have fun with because it’s all measurement and time telling and graphing skills- usually saved for the end of the school year.

I have Language Arts for both of them.  I had been planning on having Abigail do Lightning Literature 7 at half pace over the next two years.  Instead, I’ll have her begin with that and it will serve has both her Language Arts and her Reading until we can get the Sonlight Core material ordered.

We definitely have Science- both kids have over half a year’s worth of NOEO Biology to get them going.

We have Reading.  We have an ample home library, and can easily supplement with our amazing libraries shelves as needed.

I have Sequential Spelling for Abigail, and while I’ve decided that Zander doesn’t need spelling this coming year, I do want to do some vocabulary work with him- that will come with the various books I have him read.

I have the computer program Word Roots for Abigail- this is meant to supplement her spelling and help her to better understand the English language.

For our Bible time, we’re simply going to continue reading our way through the New Testament, so that one we’ve totally got covered with our own Bibles on hand.

I have a Spongebob Typing program for both kids to work on their typing skills.  In fact, I have a whole pile of educational software that is meant for school, we just haven’t used it yet.

Obviously, I have an abundance of material to get our school year rolling with.  Really, there are four items missing from our household that are vital to our schooling, BUT we can easily begin without and incorporate as we can.  Namely, we are missing the biggies.  I am missing both Teaching Textbooks programs for the kids, and we are missing our Sonlight Cores.

But you know what?  I’m totally okay with that!  After two years of homeschooling, I feel like a pro.  At first I was really stressing out about not having the Core material here- Core F is going to be huge, and I hate the thought of not getting it all done within a “school year” time frame.  But in the last few weeks, it’s really been impressed upon me to relax and not stress about what we are missing.  It will come.  I will likely have to order the cores in pieces as we go, but I’m actually totally relaxed and okay with that.

And we’re ready to start learning again.  It feels g0od to have a plan, but it feels even better to be so relaxed about it.  Obviously, the beginning of our year would be easier if I had all the materials here on hand, but the peace that I have about just doing it and getting going is awesome.   Just today Zander was flipping through his Handwriting book and mentioning how he’s looking forward to doing it.  Abigail was looking at it a little wistfully, so I’m sort of expecting her to come to me and ask if she can do Handwriting too this year.  I’ll be okay with that if it comes.

Now I just need to get the school room organized and ready to go.  I have a few new tools that will need a place to live and be utilized, so I hope I can get everything figured out. Wish me luck!

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