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Well, so much for blogging the last school year! Yikes, that sure did fly by quickly.  The school year went well, although by the end we were all really ready to be done.  We’re enjoying our lazy mornings and the summer break, and I have no idea at this point when we’ll start tackling the next school year.

As I do every year, I asked the kids what their favorite books of the year were.  It seems that every year, this gets more and more difficult for them to do.  When I asked Zander what read-aloud of his was his favorite he looked at me in horror, and then looked at the pile of books.  Honestly, and truly, he could not pick.  And it wasn’t even down to 2 or 3.  There was only one read-aloud last year that did not make his list of favorites, and that was the book Little Pear.  He couldn’t tell me why that didn’t make the cut, but he loved all the rest so much, that he just couldn’t choose from them.

I call that a qualified success!

I asked him then about his readers, which was more difficult to do since most of the books he read were from the library and we didn’ t have them on hand.  He thought his favorite was probably Henry and Beezus, and since then has gone on to read the rest of the Henry books for fun.

His favorite History book was our missionary book, George Mueller.  Zander always loves the missionary stories the best, and this pick did not surprise me in the least.

Abigail also had troubles narrowing down her favorites this year.  Her favorite read-alouds were at least narrowed down to three: Shadow Spinner, Daughter of The Mountains, and The Hobbit.   Her favorite readers were Rascal, and Ali & The Golden Eagle.  For History books she couldn’t decide between Mary Slessor, a missionary biography from Africa, or Theresa of Calcutta.   She also said she really enjoyed Whatever Happened To Penny Candy, which surprised me because it was our little dip into Economics this year.

Overall it was a highly successful year.  The kids have excelled in all areas, and even Abigail’s spelling has improved.   Abigail especially enjoyed learning about all the cultures in the Eastern Hemisphere, and for a last little project, I had her write a short paper on which culture she’d like to visit most and why.  She didn’t think too long and hard before sharing that she’d like to visit China the most, and when asked why, it was to eat.  Is she my daughter or what?  She’d love to take a culinary vacation to China.

So now we’re in the full throes of summer.  Summer dance has just gotten underway, and in two weeks we’ll find out the kids placements for competition.  They’re really excited to find out what classes they are in for the year ahead.  I would honestly just like to know so that I can get our schedule cemented for the year ahead.

And of course the great curriculum hunt is underway as I try to make plans for the coming year and purchase what is needed.  I’ll probably start rolling things in after our July camping vacation.  I have general ideas where we want to go, I just need to figure out how best to get there.

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