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Gathering Thoughts For The New School Year

I have little notes all over the place here at home, so it’s time to start gathering them and start making our plans for the coming school year.  Our start date is still to be determined, but will likely be the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Abigail is doing her 7th grade year, and this is what I am looking at for her:

Math: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra, LOF: Pre-Algebra with Biology AND LOF: Physics (combines math and science, I love this!)

Science: It’s a Chemistry year for sure, and maybe Physics the second half of the year.  I’ll be using Christian Kids Explore Chemistry as my spine, adding in some Real Science 4 Kids and plenty of library books.  I’m hoping to find a few DVD’s at the library too.

Language Arts:  Lightning Literature, Grade 7, also she will continue with Word Roots to help improve her spelling.

Reading and Social Studies: Sonlight Core G, World History part 1

Health: Dance.  I’m trying to put together something to help her study dance nutrition and physiology.  I’m unsure if I’ll be successful, as I’m having a hard time finding appropriate books.

Electives are completely up in the air.  Abigail is up to 12 hours a week of dance, plus she’ll likely be doing some student teaching as well.  I’m hesitant to overwhelm with any formal electives, though we’d really like to get the ball rolling with our French studies.

Zander is going into his 3rd grade year.  Which is not much more than a number, to be honest.  The only truly 3rd grade material we’ll be using is his grammar/English.  Everything else is fourth grade and beyond.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 4, LOF:Dogs, Edgewood and Farming, and the remainder of the Singapore that we didn’t finish last year.

Science: Also Chemistry and Physics.  Zander’s spine will be Real Science 4 Kids, but will also get a bit of Abigail’s as well.  I’m hoping to be able to combine the two, sort of.

Language Arts: BJU English 3, Spectrum Spelling 4, Word Roots, A Reason For Handwriting “C”- we move into cursive this year.  This is very, very scary to me.

Social Studies: Sonlight Core C, Intro to World History part 2

Reading: Sigh.  More work for me this year as I comb the library and the internet looking for age appropriate advanced readers for this boy- that he hasn’t already read or will be reading in the future.  I’m really, really looking forward to 4th grade for him when we can use the Sonlight readers.

Health: Who knows.  If I can find some good materials on dance nutrition, he’ll totally be doing this with his sister.

Electives for Zander are also up in the air.  He is up to dancing 8 hours a week.  I’m considering picking up a U-Draw tablet for the Wii and doing a fun art something or another.

So those are my thoughts.  The Great Gathering has begun.  I have some of these materials on hand already, so that’s great.  I have many, many to get yet and am researching my best options as funds are not there to buy everything brand new.  But it will all work out, it does every year, and I expect this year to work out exactly the same.   God is good to us, and I’m starting to look forward to the year to come.

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