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First Day of School!

It was rather fun to see the neighborhood all abuzz with the first day of school this morning while we lounged about in our pajamas.  We are also beginning today, and I thought I’d share our first day pictures- the usual dance party in pajamas.

It’s kind of an uneventful first day, to be honest.  We’re missing about half of our materials, but with the Internet and the library, I’ve put together a good five weeks of school that will feel full and will get us back in the swing of things.  Part of these first few weeks will include some basic life skills for Abigail.  For example, this week she’ll be writing thank you notes and learning to make scrambled eggs.   I’m hoping that I’ll be able to purchase more of our necessary materials at the beginning of October, as the month of September is going to be extremely tight, and has been declared a no-spend month.

Be back soon with more specific notes about what we’re studying!  Enjoy the pictures!

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